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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bad Parenting meets the Retail Team

I get a call asking for my assistance and make my way to where I’m needed. A coworker is there with two young girls looking for their mother. Just as I arrive the mother is claiming her children. “See what happens when you wander off?” - is all she had to say. No - thanks for finding my daughters! No – oh I was so worried about you two!
So I asked what the story was and how they came to be with my coworkers. While one of the women was straightening aisles, the two girls came by alone and looking scared. The worker asked if she could help them find something. They told her they had lost their mom and were trying to find her. When the worker offered to have their mom paged on the intercom system, they were immediately terrified and begged her not to do that. “I remember what happened the last time I did that. I was in so much trouble! Please don’t do that.” What the?! Excuse me?? They began crying at this point so the employee told them she would just walk with them and try to help them find their mom and when they found her, she would walk away so the girls wouldn’t be in any trouble. And that’s what they did. What kind of mother punishes her kids so horribly that they are afraid to call her if they get separated or to ask for help? Suppose someone in the store colors who wasn’t an employee found them and tricked them into coming outside? Suppose mom didn’t come around the corner just a few minutes later and get them? NEVER should a parent make their kids scared to ask for help, especially in a large retail store! If you are embarrassed to have your name paged, don’t bring your kids with you. OR pay more attention. I’m willing to bet, she was the one who kept walking when the girls had stopped to look at something and didn’t realize mom wasn’t there. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she punished them when they got home. Like they say… Any idiot can be a mom. But it takes a lot of love, patience, and understanding to be a Mother. You Madam, are not worthy of being a Mother.

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