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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Style J Skirt review

I love blue jean clothing. It's durable, long lasting, always fashionable, goes with anything - day or night.
I especially enjoy blue jean skirts. They can be so cute and flirty while still being modest depending on the length and style. I recently was given the chance to review one of the new jean skirt styles from Style J. You can check out their selections at this link.
I received the box from them pretty quick. They not only sent me the skirt but this really amazing card with "Thank You" inside!
As well as a multi-colored ink pen. Talk about going the extra mile! It was a really nice surprise.
At first I requested the wrong size, so I offered to send it back to exchange it. They were very nice about it and agreed immediately.
The skirt is a really cute design. The blue jean material is stretchy and the button was unique with the Style J design on it. It's really not like your run of the mill designs with just a name on it.
I suggest getting a skirt 1-2 sizes smaller than your measurement if you aren't really sure. Or definitely read their guide on skirt sizing. The jean material is stretchy and has a little more room to expand in than normal jean products. I liked how easy the button fits into the button hole. I know it might sound weird, but I've had skirts and jeans that had a hole so small I had to fight the button to go in. Or on the opposite side, one so loose the button lets itself open. So having a button/hole that is just right = great craftsmanship. The pockets have a very cute design on them too. I love cute pocket designs. It adds class to the rear ;-)
It's not a stiff blue jean. It's actually flexible and soft.
They offer skirts for girls as well as women in many shades, sizes, and styles. They even have maternity skirts! I was also amazed by the Extra Tall selection. I'm a tall woman and finding long skirts that go at least to my ankles is very difficult. I'll admit, being in skirts and dresses makes me feel like a true lady - but only when they reach that perfect length! They go by waist measurements instead of standard sizing. I think this works better (provided you measure yourself correctly!) since every company out there has their own ideas on what equals size X, Y or Z. Going by waist measurements is much easier for someone like me. My hips aren't aligned right from the scoliosis so wearing skirts is a plus. I don't have to worry about finding jeans that fit perfectly.
One other thing to point out is that once they sell out, that style is gone! So if you see something you like, get it while they have it.
You can subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates on the latest additions and deals. You can also Like them on Facebook. Check them out and leave a comment about what you think! Also, you can check out their affiliate websites: www.trendyskirts.com and www.officeskirts.com.
I let my mom try it on and even though she is slightly bigger, even she fit it since it does stretch.
***I was sent these items for free for the sole purpose of doing this review. I was not paid or otherwise reimbursed. I was not told what to say. These are completely my opinions of the products***

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