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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shoplet.com eProcurement tools promotion

You all might remember a couple of previous posts I wrote about Shoplet.com and some of the things they sent me to review; Purell by Gojo and the Pentel Pens. Shoplet.com offers a large variety of office supplies that are useful for your office, home office or just your home needs.
My husband and I run his small business from our home. We go through printer paper, pens, inks... all kinds of things rather quickly. Shoplet.com makes it easier to order everything at once rather than me having to drive to various stores to get them. Especially since most of the big name stores are at least 45 minutes away.

Shoplet.com is currently running a fun promotion as they are spreading the word about new eProcurement tools they have to offer. I’m going to include an animated commercial video that explains the benefits of these new tools. Embedded inside the video though, are “treasures” for you to find. These treasures are Shoplet.com logo price tags that contain codes. You can submit your answers after viewing the video and receive up to 10% off your next purchase at Shoplet.com.

Did you find all the treasures? Share our Treasure Hunt with your friends so they can win too!

That's the video. Click the plus sign in the circle at the top right corner to get started for the treasure hunt! Enter the treasure codes you find in the form. Shoplet.com will then email you a coupon to receive 10% off your next order. They are also running a promotion that most orders over $45 gets free shipping! If you are in charge of supplies and ordering, you will definitely make your boss happy with the amount of efficiency and savings.
Some of the business solutions tools Shoplet.com has to offer would be things like Quick Order Form. If you know the SKU number of items you order regularly, just enter the number and the quantity you want of that item. You can track your order and know just when to expect your items to arrive. You can create an Approved List of items you purchase on a regular basis for your business. This makes it quicker and easier to get what you need since you won't have to shop through everything else to find it. That seems like the most useful tool to me.

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