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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration System

In my household we drink a lot of water. It is a lot healthier for us and I always have it on hand. We had a water filtration system before, but it wasn't something we kept around for more than a year. We instead often buy water bottles and gallon jugs of water. My husband doesn't like drinking tap water as he says it tastes funny. I don't mind drinking it, but where we live you can taste the chlorine that the City uses to clean it. For some people the smell and slight taste can be awful.
Mavea sent me their Elemaris XL system to try out for free and do a review on. These are the pitcher type system and they come in several colors.
They are definitely supior to ones I had tried before. I really like the way the lid shows its still dripping (as the water is passing through the filter).
It has a way of telling you how strong the filter life is so you know when it needs to be changed.
When it runs down to 0% filter life yet, you will see it flashing like this:
I also like that it has a non-slip grip in the bottom. Unlike most plastic pitchers, it won't slip around. This is great if you have children who like running through your kitchen like I do. The handle has a grip which makes it very comfortable to hold.
Mavea is engineered and made in Germany. I love having more options in the colors too so no matter what decor you have in your kitchen, you are bound to find something that matches. Be sure you follow the instructions. Running the water through twice before drinking from it is important. The first batch of water might look blackish. I like their suggestion of using the first 2 runs to water plants. Waste not, want not!
If you want to check out Mavea and see what they have to offer, just follow this link. You can also check them out on Facebook and find their products at a variety of eshops online. Check them out and let me know in comments below what you think about them! Thanks for reading.
***I was sent this water filter pitcher free in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid or otherwise endorsed in what to say. This is my honest opinion based on my usage of the product.***

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