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Monday, January 14, 2013

RW Garcia review and giveaway

Time for another great food review! Good thing I'm trying a lot of healthy things or I'd probably spend all my time at the gym... This time I was sent chips from RW Garcia. You can check out their website hereThey offer quite a variety of wholesome quality tortilla chips. We like tortilla chips for making nachos, eating with salsa or dip and for when we have parties!
These happen to be great in several ways. First, they are gluten-free. So if you have Celiac disease (which seems to be more common these days) or if you have allergies to wheat products these make a great alternative snack option. They are a healthier alternative to other tortilla chips that are loaded with highly fattening powdered flavoring. The taste is more baked into them than onto them.

They sent me 7 bags to try: MixtBag of Red and Yellow Tortilla chips, MixtBag of Yellow and Blue Corn Tortilla chips, 3 Seed Veggie Dippers, 3 Seed Blue Corn Dippers, 3 Seed English Cheddar Dippers, 3 Seed Curry and Mango Dippers, and 3 Seed Savory Dippers.
The MixtBags are a great hit in my family. My boys and husband especially love tortilla chips. We make nachos and dips or just snack on them out of the bag. The kids really love the different colors. It makes them fun and a great way to jazz up party dishes.
Another favorite of my kids and I in particular (and my siblings/mom) was the 3 Seed Veggie Dippers. They come as a mixed bag that has 3 flavors inside; Spinach and Garlic, Red Beet and Onion, Carrot, Tomato and Sesame.
Spinach and Garlic is of course green. The garlic isn't overpowering and neither is the spinach. They actually blend nicely. It has a taste to it that I find hard to put words for... So I'm just going to say it's not spinach-y. (Yes, I'm making up words!)
Then we come to the Red Beet and Onion Dippers - which I really enjoyed although they have a sort of vegetable after taste. You can taste the beet and onion in harmony together. My kids just liked them being red.
Lastly the Carrot, Tomato, and Sesame Dippers were really nice. You just slightly taste the carrots. The tomato was stronger in a good way.

3 Seed Savory Dippers are Himalayan Pink Salt and Cracked Pepper. Whether standing alone or dipping - the flavor is satisfying! Not overloaded with salt.
The 3 Seed English Cheddar ones are lightly flavored and were highly popular among the kids.
3 Seed Curry and Mango were definitely the strongest flavored chips by far! Word to the wise: If you can't handle some tangy spice, stay away! Eat more, feel the heat take it up a notch. The curry is most decidedly strong with this one. You can barely taste the mango. However, I actually like curry so this one was a pleasant surprise for me. Curry is an acquired taste, in my opinion. You either like it, possibly grow to like after being made to try it more than once, or you will never like it.
So what else can I tell you about these great chips? Let's see... the texture is really awesome and sturdy. They can handle heavier dips like guacamole. You can read the ingredients on the package without a "What the heck is that?!".
They also have recipes on their website. They tell you which stores offer their products or how you can order them online.
You can also connect with them via Facebook to be updated on their news of new products.
So now about the giveaway! They will send one lucky winner 1 bag of each of their Dippers. Just enter below via Rafflecopter and when its over, I'll randomly select the winner. Once I have the name and email of the winner, I'll contact you to get your address so they know where to send the chips.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

***These products were sent me to free strictly for the review purpose. I was not otherwise endorsed or in any way told what to say. My reviews are completely my opinions.***


  1. I love tortilla chips and I like the fact that these are gluten-free and healthier for you.

  2. I would most like to try Mango Curry as Mango is one of my favorite fruits. Thanks!

  3. I am really intrigued by the three seed version. One bag of each flavor is an awesome giveaway! And thank you for writing such a thorough review.

  4. Curry and Mango sound interesting as I love sweet and tangy things and love mango too!