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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zevia review

I don't often drink sodas. But occasionally I feel like having one or I might drink them when I'm out. I don't like the sugary taste and the after taste that generally follows. But I think I found a soda that can satisfy the craving while feeling light and refreshing still. I recently received 6 flavors of Zevia to try. First thing I noticed about the Zevia sodas: they are clear! I drank the Black Cherry first since I love black cherry. It's clear, which is a good thing if you have kids because it won't stain if it spills. Also that shows me its not filled with a heavy syrup or artificial coloring/dyes. It has zero calories and no sugar as its naturally sweetened with Stevia. It's not a heavy tasting soda. I also tried the Grapefruit Zevia, Dr. Zevia, Mountain Zevia, Orange Zevia, and Caffeine-Free Cola.

Mountain Zevia was my favorite. Great tasting but with natural sweetener that made it very refreshing.
My least favorite was the Caffeine-free cola. Normally the only caffeine-free soda I like is Sprite. This one didn't excite my taste buds too well but if you like diet soda, this one should work well for you.

The Grapefruit Zevia didn't taste much like grapefruit however, it did have a citrus flavor. Orange was exactly as you'd expect. Dr. Zevia was good too. It was similiar to another leading name brand of familiar taste.
I like the different ways they tempt the taste buds. It's unique. They make a great drink for those who like the soda taste without the soda calories, sugars and weight gain that comes with it. Also, an added bonus that I'm fairly certain these would have though I don't think its been proven... no discoloration of your teeth. Normally sodas made with syrups, teas and coffees tend to yellow your teeth. Overall that makes them a win-win in our house.

You can check them out on their website http://www.zevia.com/. There you can also find coupons, like them on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube channel, check out thir products, or find out where you can buy Zevia. They also have recipes. So check them out and leave me a comment telling me what you think about them!  

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