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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some helpful websites

So today I'm not sharing a review. Instead, I have some helpful websites you might be interested in checking out. Recently my mom shared an article with me that came from Family Circle. They were talking about making purchases online. Here are some that you should check out:

https://lish.com/ by Payvment creates a storefront based on feedback for hundreds of thousands of sellers. It uses social medi/a like Facebook to advertise by posting on people's Timeline about items they like and bought. You use PayPal for a secure transaction.

https://www.zaarly.com/ is like an online yard sale for goods, services, and experiences.

https://www.taskrabbit.com/ has a service that allows you to hire trusted folks to run errands, do household chores or perform repairs for a fee. The "taskrabbits" go through background checks and video interviews before being approved.

http://www.swap.com/netcycler.html is a service that you have to sign up and provide a valid payment method in order to use. Once you do that, you can then search for things you want and list things to "swap". Only payment expected in the swap will be shipping. In return, they ask you swap things of equal value.

Remember to look for https in the address bar and certificates such as the Norton Secured Seal!

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