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Sunday, November 25, 2012

CoverYourHair.com review and giveaway

Ah the holidays!
Time for cooking enormous meals, having the family come over, and even sharing gifts. But... How long and hard is that search for those perfect gifts? Especially for women on your list? Well, I have a review that may give you some ideas for those ladies.

As women we are really into accessorizing and having great hair. Well, what about combining the two? I found this company online called CoverYourHair.com. They offer so many things specifically for your hair/head. Whether you need a cute bow or flower for a baby girl, a fancy headband for a night out, or a tie back to keep your hair out of your face while working - they have you covered! I chose 3 things for my review that give you a glimpse at the variety.
For my baby girl I picked a big Red Lilly Flower Hair Clip. My daughter has a lot of hair, but she will need a little more before this one truly fits well so I took a couple pictures to show you the sizing. However, its SO cute! A big red lilly shaped flower with a clear gem in the center attached to a sturdy metal clip. She wore it to our family Thanksgiving dinner and looked so adorable.
I also requested the Celebrity Studded Headband. Its stylish and perfect for a more dressy occasion, but I think it would be great to doll up an outfit made of jeans and a blouse as well. The silver on black with clear gems in the design is very classy. I like that its really soft, durable, provides a great look as well as practical.
My third choice was the Multi headband 3 in 1. There are three stylish ways to wear this one headband. I like to have my hair back, but not pulled back since that can often cause your hair to break on top. So headbands are a great option. This one can be worn as a regular headband, a wide headband or like a bandana depending on how much hair coverage you are looking for. This style and colors make it great for any time – as a day or night accessory.
The fun doesn't end there though. They have so many other things; hats, gloves, banana clips, belts, combs/brushes, clips... the list goes on. Prices are good too. And even better if you use the promo code "blog1231" to get 20% off your purchase just for being one of my readers! This code expires 12/31/12 though, so you should really get to checking them out soon! I really hope you check out their blog too. They have some amazing style tips you might want to try out to your next big event.  http://www.hairaccessoryblog.com/
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  1. Absolutely love the Elegant Solid Headwrap in Grey. My hair is crazy and unruly, so it's always nice to have something to hold it back.