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Thursday, October 25, 2012

NoThrow revisions

For anyone who was interested in the NoThrow tether review I had done a while back - I have some revisions to add.
The product itself is still really great. My sons no longer use the cup tether since they think its fun to take it off. I do, however, still use the pacifier tether on my baby girls pacifier. Absolutely love it.
What I no longer like about the company? The fact that they didn't deliver what they promised and are no longer are answering my emails. I was told 2 of my readers would win 2 NoThrow tethers each. I set up the giveaway, got my winners randomly, and then got the winners' information to forward to the NoThrow contact. I was told everything would be sent out shortly but now I find one of the winners didn't receive her prizes. And after emailing my contact at NoThrow several times and sending a message via their website - still no answer!
So I'm warning anyone who may be interested: be aware. They were nice and good to me, but they were sending a product in exchange for my review. Sadly most companies assume their products will get a good review which is why they might be nicer to a blogger than to the actual customer. Hopefully, none of you have had problems with them or any other company I reviewed. If you did though - please leave a comment letting me know! I'm sorry for this, but honesty is important. I won't endorse or promote someone who doesn't keep their word.


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