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Friday, October 5, 2012

ChopSaver review - For People with Lips!

If you're like me, you need some kind of lip balm on a regular basis. Whether you play a wind or brass instrument, live in a hot climate (like Texas!) or even because of the medications you may be taking - your lips might get dry and sore. I always have to keep 2 on hand. One on my dresser for easy access inside and one in my bag that I carry when I go out. But I haven't found one that truly lasts long and keeps my lips really moisturized. I also don't like many of the flavors I've tried. Recently I contacted Chop Saver. They make a gluten-free, 100% all natural botanicals and organic lip balm. I thought, no way it can be all natural. Somewhere in there has to be one of those long worded chemicals that no one can pronounce. But I was pleasantly wrong!

So why am I now in love with Chop Saver?
1. All natural ingredients means its healthier for me. Less chance of "catching cancer" and all that jazz.
2. I love citrus tastes and smells. Since Chop Saver uses citrus oils and extracts, you can smell and taste it as soon as you put it on.
3. Long lasting! Even my husband tried it and could still taste some lingering the next day. My lips feel moist much longer than they ever did using name brand lip balms.
4. Made in the USA!! I'm a proud American who loves a homegrown product.
A little background info about Chop Saver:
It was originally invented by a musician. Trumpet player to be exact - Dan Gosling relies on his lips for a living. So they need to stay moist and comfortable as he plays. He began experimenting in his kitchen with herbs and extracts. From his search for the perfect lip balm came ChopSaver. There are two kinds: Original and Gold. Original is for everyday use while Gold has SPF 15 for outdoor use.

This is also great for patients taking Isotretinoin which is used to treat severe recalcitrant nodular acne (a certain type of severe acne).
Or even for people who suffer from Cheilitis (a medical condition involving inflammation of the lip).

You can request a free sample to see for yourself how wonderful it is by contacting ChopSaver in the following ways:

Dan Gosling -

Call 877-346-0951 ext. 300

Email dan@chopsaver.com


Rhea Newman -

Call 877-346-0951 ext. 301

Email rhea@chopsaver.com


Check them out at  www.ChopSaver.com
And on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/chopsaver?fref=ts
***I was not paid to say anything about this product. I was sent these items free in exchange for my honest opinions in the form of a review.***

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