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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tractivity Review and Giveaway of 5 Tractivity Essential Bundles

Tractivity is unlike any other pedometer! Every time you move, your Tractivity Sensor takes note. It doesn’t matter if you are walking, dancing, golfing or gardening. Tractivity logs the distance you walk or run, the calories you burn and the time you are active. Your data shows up on your private, fun, motivational web page.
I recently had the Tractivity Premium Bundle sent to me to review. The Tractivity Premium Bundle included everything I needed to start tracking my activity and boy was I excited to get started. Tractivity makes tracking your progress a piece of cake! You can track your activity two ways. The first is using the Tractivity Sensor easily clips to your shoe laces using the Tractivity Lace Holder. The other way is by wearing your Tractivity sensor with your insoles. Either way you chose after a few minutes you won’t even notice that you are wearing the sensor. The unique sensor and USB stick have been ergonomically designed to be intelligent, discreet, easy to use, and safe.
The bundle included:
1 Pair of Tractivity Insoles
1 Tractivity Sensor
1 USB Stick
1 Tractivity Lace holder
1 Free Waist Measuring Tape
1 Free Tractivity Online account to analyze your activity.
The Sensor and USB Stick communicate wirelessly. This is one of the best parts about Tractivity. I don’t have to struggle or worry about lost cables. I have enough of them to keep tabs on. It was super easy for me to transfer my activity data to my personal Tractivity account. After I put the Tractivity Connect application on to my computer, (this was super easy too) all I had to do was open the application and my activities were transferred. The best part is that the sensor can store my activities for up to a month! I don’t have to worry about uploading my activity or worry about losing my progress, I can decide when to transfer my data when it is best for me.
The Tractivity Insoles are great! They gave my feet the perfect amount of cushioning without leaving my feet feel uncomfortable or the feeling like there was something in my shoe that was not supposed to be there. The Tractivity Insoles are designed to provide the best possible user experience imaginable.

Enter to Win It! 5 Winners will win the Tractivity Essential Bundle for their own!
The Tractivity Essential Bundle includes everything you need to start tracking your activity.
The bundle includes:
1 Tractivity Sensor
1 USB stick
1 Tractivity Lace Holder
1 Free Tractivity Online account to analyze your activity.
(System Requirements for using Tractivity:
Windows: Windows XP SP3 or newer, Internet Explorer 8 or newer or current version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. 20 MB Free Disk space
Mac: Mac OS X version 10.5.8 (Leopard) or newer, Intel or PowerPC processor. 20 MB Free Disk space.)
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  1. want to win this because I am starting to walk the track behind our house to lose weight