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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NoThrow review and giveaway

How many of you moms and child care-givers have had youngsters that loved throwing their bottles? And do you have a baby that LOVES spitting that pacifier as far as it can fly? I know I do. No matter how hard I’ve tried to teach them that the cup and pacifier are not for throwing, I still have to deal with the kiddos tossing them. Pacifiers are the worse. They get spat out and lost in stores or while visiting friends/family and then it’s such a hassle trying to find another exactly like it, or perhaps it doesn’t have that used feel so your baby cries inconsolably for the old one. And then there is the sanitary issue. They get thrown on the ground or floors and you have to go hunting down something or somewhere to clean them off before you can give it back to your child. 

Well, I got tired of such actions and went looking online for a solution. I found the NoThrow! It’s a cute little tether made for bottles and pacifiers. It’s long enough to attach them to your child’s seat belt on the car seat, stroller, buggy, or anything else they ride in and still be able to drink from the cup or suck on the pacifier. But also short enough that they can’t throw it and make you hunt for it! They have several different patterns for girls or boys. I love how the designs keep the kids entertained and look so cute but also the practicality of not having to bend over to pick up their bottles and pacifiers every few minutes. Having just had a baby girl, I also enjoy that my son who sits next to her in the back seat, can no longer throw his cup at her! Definitely one of the best gadgets designed for moms or child caregivers.They come with easy to follow instructions printed on the card with the tether. Very sturdy too. These will definitely save you money, as you won't have to keep buying replacements when your child throws their cup/bottle or tries to see how far they can make their pacifier fly! 

And now is the perfect time to grab some of these amazing NoThrow tethers! They are having an overstock sale on select items on their web page http://www.nothrow.com/.
But the great news doesn’t end there – I’m proud to inform you that they have graciously offered to host a giveaway to my readers. Two winners will win 2 NoThrows each! You just need to let me know if you want boy or girl patterns and if you want bottle or pacifier tethers (or one of each). Following them on Facebook is a great idea, since they really love to interact and get feedback from their fans. Let them know what you think of their products and patterns! www.facebook.com/twinbeginnings
You can also follow them on Twitter @nothrow. 
Don't forget to check out their website and leave a comment below. 
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***This was an unpaid review. I was given these items free for the sole purpose of reviewing and writing about them.***


  1. I love the blue gingham, and could really use one of each lol.

  2. I love the pink Princess perfect! And I think the one I could use most is the bottle teether. she is always dropping her cup and it does on the floor or stuck between the door and the seat