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Monday, July 23, 2012

Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons review (and discount)

As a mom, I spend several hours a day in my kitchen. So, when it comes to my utensils - I choose things that are durable and useful - as well as pleasing to the eyes. Recently I was granted the opportunity to try out an amazing spoon from Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons. They are made of cherry wood or maple wood - which if I'm buying any real wood products, cherry is what I prefer! It's durable, soft to the touch, and naturally beautiful. This particular spoon is no exception. It’s also handcrafted in America which is a big plus for my family.  
I chose to review the Spiral Slim Spoon. I love the unique design of swirls on the spoon part and scribble going down the handle. The tag that came on the spoon says, “Spiral Spoon Progressive circles signifying growth and balance in a world gone crazy.” How true! I also love the feel of the wood as I’m stirring food. It’s comfortable, warm and easy to grip. It is also very sturdy - I don’t have to worry about it feeling like it’s going to break like most wooden spoons I have used before.
I also love that while communicating with various members of Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons (including Jonathan himself), everyone was very friendly and helpful. They have extremely good customer service.
This is a card that explains more about caring for your spoon (top) and a book mark that gives information about Jonathan and how he got the idea to start his business that came with the spoon.

There are several types of designs to choose from such as; Original, Cat Tail, Flame Blackened, and the Scribbles, Spirals, and Spots. It’s not just spoons though! Spoons, spatulas, ladles, spootles, pasta forks – the list goes on. Each one is something useful but unique to have around your kitchen. The Lazy Spoons collection offer you the chance to simply rest your utensil on the edge of the pot, giving you easy access to it while continually returning to stir whatever you happen to be cooking. It’s a really neat idea. Keeps your cooking space clean too!

Caring for your spoons:
You can easily wash them with a Scotchbrite® pad using soap and water. The owner of Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons also included the following recommendations on his website: “Occasionally oil them when you want them to look their best – natural coconut oil is my favorite! I do not recommend using a dishwasher for any wood, as the drying cycle dehydrates wood too rapidly which can cause it to crack, and cleaning agents may age the surface of the wood. Other than that, people say my spoons survive their dishwasher’s just fine. The color of my spoons will deepen with use, and with age their beauty goes beyond skin deep, becoming the cherished utensils that we always reach for – embodying the internal beauty of usefulness.” (A side note about the coconut oil – Not only is it good for the spoons, but it’s actually good for you too!)

And as a final plus: they come in left-handed as well as right-handed utensils! So if you do happen to be a lefty and find it hard to get cooking utensils suited more to you, Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons is the place to go!
How to order your own:

You can order from Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons online at this website - http://www.woodspoon.com/. Or you can check on his website and possibly find a shop nearby that carries his wares. My husband already told me which he wants me to order or find: the Scribble Cheese Board!  
And as a special bonus for my readers and followers only – they are offering a 5% discount on your orders! The discount is available from July 30th to August 12th. Just enter the coupon code blogemily when placing your order. This discount is exclusively through Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons. You can get it when calling to place an order or when ordering online only. It does not apply in any stores locally.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to follow my blog. I’ll be adding more reviews and possibly some giveaways next time.
***The views expressed in this review are strictly my own; I was not paid or given any incentive to write the way I did. I simply received a free spoon to review and wrote my honest opinions on it.***

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