Companies I've done reviews for

Below is a list of the companies I've done reviews for:

Affordable Computer Expert

Show and Tell Sonogram

Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons


Journey Bar


Boylan Bottling Company

The Original Savory Saltine Seasoning

Glitz See

Chop Saver 

Superfood Snacks

Mediterranean Snacks

Krema and Crazy Richard's

Newman's Own Organics


Emerson Creek Pottery

Sonic Alert

DaVinci Gourmet

Better Than Pants

RW Garcia

Road Kill T-Shirts

Gojo Purell

Madison at Main

Smart Mom Jewelry

Envision Home

Style J

Divine Planet

Pentel Pens via


Runa Tea

Kicking Horse Coffe

Cool Gear Inc

Costume Discounters


TOPS via

It Factor Beauty



SteelMaster via



Kidecals via US Family Guide

Adventure Landing Shipwreck Island via US Family Guide

Deflect-o Cubes via

Wise Company

Lysol® Power & Free™ spray and wipes via BzzAgent

Avery via

Jewelry Candle

Jewel Scent Candle

A Cut Above hair salon in St. Augustine, Florida

GenZ via US Family Guide

Reading Eggs via US Family Guide

Allied Shirts

I was not paid for anything I wrote in my reviews. The first 2 reviews I wrote were for services I paid for and truly felt like sharing about. Most of the rest were of products that were sent to me by the named company for the sole purpose of reviewing. On the rare occasion I find something I really like, I also might write about it. I write these reviews so that you, the fellow consumer, can make a more informed decision about a company and the things it has to offer. Then you can decide if its something you think is worth your time and money. My opinions may vary from yours, but at least you can see what a real woman/mother thought of it.
I've also posted movie reviews and a book review. They are based on what a conservative mother's perspective is. Your opinions may very greatly from my own.
If you are a company who would like a review written - feel free to contact me. texanmama08 at gmail dot com.

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