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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Finishing Up January

This month has gone by far quicker than I could have imagined. Next Sunday I will be hitting the big 3-0. I don't really see it as being too big a deal. Many others around my age fear turning 30. Not sure why. I guess I look at it logically. Chronologically, I'm aging one year at a time. Physically, I've surpassed that. Mentally, well, wouldn't be able to judge that for myself. After all, I'd be biased. But I like to think that I'm ahead of my time there too. 

I received gifts from my Mom and family in Florida. My Mother knows me so well. She got me a Steampunk jacket. It laces up the back and also has frilly ruffles to complete it!
It even fits my ridiculously long arms. I can't wait to wear it. She and my siblings also sent me a Wonder Woman bracelet, what looks like a Jedi/Ninja robe for cosplay and a jewelry set.
I really enjoyed them. There were all sorts of other things in that box.
Like a kaleidoscope. My kids were pretty amazed by that. And Star Wars cookie cutters. Or how about the Star Wars cupcake decorating set.
And if that was the end of my birthday, I'd be happy. It is enough of a reminder that I'm loved. Honestly, I don't bother with parties for myself. I don't like planning them. I feel conceited if I did. And I don't have many close friends around here. Besides, it's on a Sunday this year. My husband will be sleeping in the morning since he works the night before. Then there is Bible study. After that, I'll either be doing laundry or chilling with a game. My older three kids will be with my ex-husband. Maybe I'll take a nap... 

After that passes, I have to put the finishing touches on my sons 8th birthday! I'm building a mini Pea Shooter. Seems to be a favorite among those that know the game. I got a Dixie cup for the flower pot, covered a paper towel roll with green construction paper, will blow up a balloon for the head and will add a sauce cup as the mouth. Feeling pretty clever about it! 
We tried our hand at dough crafts.
I laugh when I look at them. I made two - a crumbling owl
and an emoji face. I helped my eldest son make his Pea Shooter. Looks like a duck. My other son made a Pea Shooter. I don't know how to describe what it really looks like. And my daughters creation? Anyone out there a Fullmetal Alchemist fan?? Well, let's just say its a botched human transmutation. Kinda creepy looking. But it was fun to make. I actually liked the dough. Just wish I was better with sculpting. I even tried using cookie cutters on it. They might work if the dough was thinner, but this dough stuck all up in it.

I have a week left to this month. Who knows what other fun stuff I'll get into? I'm considering calligraphy...


  1. The owl looks good. You should let the kids help you plan a bday for you. Get them a cake mix and let them make you some cupcakes. To often we moms don't celebrate our lives. Showing our daughters that in some small way when they become "Mom" they are worth less. Let the kids share and show you how they love you. If not for you it will make them feel good. And who knows, you may all make memories and have some family laughs that will last a lifetime. Happy Birthday

    1. They won't be here for it this year. By the time they get home, we have to feed and bathe them and get them to bed. Maybe next year.