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Monday, November 6, 2017

Spa Night with Healtop Health Products

*The following review is of my own opinions. The products were sent to me for review, free of charge. I was not paid or asked to say anything, but my honest thoughts.*

I was given the chance to try out these products from healtop and see how much better they might be to other products in the same industry. I was pretty impressed by a few things before I even tried them. 
First, they are made and shipped from Israel. They are made of natural ingredients. Essential oils and such. All with the purpose of helping you "feel great". I've taken a stronger desire to having natural products to use. My skin and scalp have never been so dried out and irritated as they are now. I have tried a wide array of items in my battle against it. So I'm taking a more wholesome approach to what I use.

I'm disappointed by the delivery of the products. Our mail carriers are really dropping the ball with "fragile" items. One of the containers was dented in. Thankfully, it still opened just fine.
The lids came a little loose and something leaked inside the envelope. Not too badly, but parts of the labels were damaged. I ordered them on September 29th and received them on October  29th (we were out of town, so they probably came the Friday or Saturday before then). Typical wait for international orders though. Except China. Stuff from there can take 2 months or more at times. The packaging was pretty cute too.
This set comes with a body cream, foot cream, face oil and detox oil. I decided to take them along on a visit to my in laws house this weekend. We pampered ourselves and had some girly fun after a baby shower for my husbands aunt. It was a great way for us to begin the unwinding and relaxing for the weekend. 
We started with the body cream.We were all in agreement that upon the initial application, our skin felt very oil to the touch. It went on slick. However, after washing our hands we found that they were super soft! It felt so moisturized and good.
On our arms, not as much. My mother-in-law has extremely dry skin, so she liked the softness she eventually felt as the oils dried. My sister-in-law agreed. Once the oils dry, your skin feels so much better. I think if you apply and then rinse, it makes you feel soft. Your skin feels rejuvenated.

Next, we tried the every day face care. You are supposed to use a few drops twice daily. Make sure your face is clean. Our faces felt so smooth.
I loved it! No oily residue feeling was left. This was a favorite for my mother in law and myself. I could totally use this every day. Sadly, the next day, she told me that her face had broken out overnight. She has severely sensitive skin and even the natural mixture of these oils reacted with her face in a negative way. Mine was fine. I felt no ill effects from it.

The foot cream was another favorite. At first, you have a slick feeling. It has organic shea butter and calendula.
We used it on the rough places and noticed a smoother feel to our feet. I greatly enjoyed it and plan to continue its use.

Finally, we come to the Detox herbal supplement. I was very concerned with trying this one. It says it contains 90% alcohol. You put 10 drops in half a cup of water, three times a day. Smells like a hospital, but not in a good way. This was one reason I couldn't continue drinking it. At first it tastes like chamomile, but has a weird aftertaste. I couldn't finish my one try. Made my stomach too queasy. 
Overall, it was a lot of fun! We all got to talk and spend time being girly together. This little package of goodies helped us bond in a fun way. At the end of it all, we even had the kids paint our toenails.
And then, my husband painted my daughters nails for her. 
If you are interested in these products or others similar, you can check the bundle out through this link. Let me know which product you found to be the most interesting and that you would consider trying in the comments below!