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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gojo Purell Review via Shoplet.com

*Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free in exchange for my honest review. I was not otherwise endorsed or told what to say. All opinions are my own.*

I'm so thrilled to be hosting a review for Gojo today. They sent me a pretty big assortment of Purell products.
And just in time, as we are coming into the season for sickness! The weather has changed in most of the country already. Texas is a little slower. It is still fluctuating between summer and frozen. You wake up and it's 40 degrees. But by lunch time, you are in shorts and a tank top saying it's too hot outside. This alone can make people sick. You know how your nose starts running when you are in and out of a cold building too much? Well, it's no different from in and out when you live in a state that doesn't know which season it is supposed to be in.
Then you have to consider what happens when you have kids. Who are also in school. My husband likes to say that "kids are walking biohazards". If there is a sickness or disease to be gotten, they will get it and bring it home to share. This is why having tissues in key areas of the house is essential. This is why every sink has soap. Why there is Lysol spray up and downstairs. And why you will also find Purell products spread out with easy access to all.
I love hand sanitizer. I feel cleaner when I use it. As though the germs are sliding right away with its usage. So imagine my surprise and glee when I opened the box and found that Purell has some new (to me) things out there. Like a spray for surfaces. The Professional Surface Disinfectant spray. No rinse required. Just spray and wipe. Particularly for food surfaces. I can now clean the table like I would my hands. They are $17.36 for a carton of 3, which translates to about the same price you would pay for cleaners in the stores. 

And the soaps? I did not know they had Healthy Soap now. And they are scented! Soothing Cucumber, Fresh Botanicals, and the Clean and Fresh scent. I'm thrilled! I decided to use the botanical scented one first. I was half expecting there to be a Purell sanitizer smell, followed by a fresh scent. I was wrong. It's just the same sweet aroma and acts just like soap. You can get a carton of these for $91 - $98.98, depending on the scent you choose. From what I understand, there should be 24 of these bottles per carton. I think... my math could be off.
Lastly, we have this big container of travel-sized sanitizer packs in carry cases. You can attach them to the diaper bag, your purse, the stroller, headrest in the car, and here's a good one - how about your kids' backpack?? I mean, let's face it. Schools are germ factories. This pack has 25 inside. Selling at $58.71. It would be great on your work station too. How often does your desk get visited and need some shared cleanliness? When I worked, I shared santizer, Lysol wipes and body spray/perfumes. Smell good and clean up at the same time!
One of the greatest things I need to mention, is that you can get these products from Shoplet.com. Shoplet is the largest e-tailer of office products. They provide office supplies, office furniture, and even medical and cleaning supplies

So let me know what you think. What is your favorite product? Do you think they are worth checking out, buying? Leave me a comment below!