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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

End of Halloween Means the Beginning of Deals!

Halloween has finally been put into the past. We had a great time leading up to it. And now, its time to reap the deal rewards that always follow. Walmart has everything (candy too) half off! I made a quick run up there to grab a bag for the kids. While there, I picked up a few other things that I have use for. 

Do your kids love glow sticks? Mine do. They would play with one every night if I let them. So I picked up some mini ones. They had various size bags to choose from. I got the biggest one because my kids will use them. It was $2.48 and has 25 sticks in it.
Plus, these make great additions to party favor bags year around. They had other types of glow sticks too though. You could creepy crawly kinds or the wand versions. I grabbed some crawly ones for favor bags for my husbands little cousins birthday this weekend.
They were .48 each. I'm helping to put the favor bags together and figured it would be a lot of fun for them. They are also great for rewards for doing chores or getting good marks at school. 

Since we didn't do trick-or-treating this year, we decided to get a big bag of candy that will be used for the kids only (husband and I are getting strict with the diet!). They get a piece after school if they had a good day and then a piece after dinner if they eat enough. The bag I picked up was $7.37 and was huge. It will last them a good while.

Halloween themed packaging gets you good deals on everyday use items as well. Softsoap pumps were .49 each. We go through a lot of soap and no one here cares what the packaging looks like. 

We did pumpkin carving with my in laws this year. No carving kits... It was quite a mess. And we couldn't do details with the regular kitchen knives. So I decided to grab carving kits for next year. The size of packs I picked up were only $1.93 each.

Spirit Halloween has everything half off as well. They are a once a year gig. So as much as can sell, needs to sell. And they won't stick around long! I don't think they even stay a week at the places they rent out. It is only in stores, however, not online.
We like to get costume stuff for next year or add to our cosplay supplies. This is the time to stock up and get amazing deals for these.

I still plan to go back Thursday and see what they have. What are you finding? And what other uses can you think of for some of these goodies?


  1. Those are real good deals. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love glow sticks too, I wish I was up there in the states to benefit from this discounts but next year I will be there hopefully ... I just love discounts and clearance sales