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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Perfectly Posh review with Obi

I love being a blogger. You never know who you will meet! Or what you will get to experience. I've recently joined some Facebook groups that help me to build my blogging know-how and audience to be better. It was through one of these pages that I met Obi. Talk about an amazing lady! She asked me if I would review some Perfectly Posh items and blog about them. Of course I said yes! I love writing reviews. So below will be my completely honest opinions on the 3 items I received and why you should consider using Obi to obtain some of these products for yourself. Or for gifts! Christmas is right around the corner. Beat the rush and get something meaningful for the ladies (or gents) in your life! Nothing I write was coerced from Obi. 

First, let me give you some information on Perfectly Posh. There are several reasons I'm loving the company. 
One - have you ever bought lotion or hand cream that came in a recyclable tube? I know my husband makes fun of me sometimes about it, but I do think its better to recycle. 
Two - they are based in the United States. Mostly in Utah and California. In an age when most things we buy is cheap crap from from overseas, I'm glad to have more local options that are made with far better care and for more than just a profit. No junk chemicals in their products.
Three - Nothing is over $25 for a single product.  
They also have things for men in their lineup. The catalog they have is not just full of what you can buy, but what each product does for you. There are helpful tips and hints on how to de-stress your life, be glamorous, but also live better. They explain their products and tell you the key ingredients.

Originally, Obi was going to send 3 products of my choice. She threw in a 4th though as a bonus to try out as well. Sadly, the Postal Service ripped open the priority envelope and one product was lost. 

Obi set me up with what is called a Posh to Meet You set. You get 3 products in a group for $22. Pick a Bar, Hand Cream, and Lip Balm. It gives you the chance to try out new scents. But the products aren't trial size by any means. I mean... the bar alone is bigger than any I've ever bought from a store! It actually does take both my hands to keep a firm grip on the 7 ounce bar while showering. So let's break this down and talk about them individually, shall we? 
Let's start with my favorite! I chose the yaasss Queen Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream. Love the design on the tube! But I really like the stuff inside. The scent is a mix (or as they say, rhapsody) of flowers, fruits, musk, and amber. It's light enough not to overwhelm anyone with sensitive smell or allergies. However, it is strong enough to give your hands a great smell while moisturizing them to feel as smooth as a baby's bottom. All this is done without leaving you with greasy hands. Or without being so watered down, that you have to keep reapplying it. Great for businesses, not for your hands. I like this type of hand cream best. Lasts, smells great and I don't have slick hands!

Then we have the Chunk.
That's what they call these big bath bars of soaps. I chose the Spawesome one. I love the scent of eucalyptus. Its soothing. Good for keeping relaxed. This soap does just that and then some. I love how after the initial sudsing up with it, I started to feel the rough layer underneath. It reminds me of that scrubbing beads feel you get from some types of name brand soaps. It helps to scrape off the oils, dirt, and dead skin.
Giving you the overall feeling of being clean and refreshed. It might be too rough for some folks, so I suggest that if it is, you just lather a rag or your hands. Either way, you will smell good and feel good. Plus it doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky as some bar soaps do. You are left feeling soft. A smooth surface, worthy of being touched.

The last product I have to talk about is the Cold on Hold bath soak.
I tried to get my husband to use this. Especially with his cold and allergy issue he has going on. But as men go, he's stubborn and is not a "bath type of guy". This is from the All Mixed Up line. Eucalyptus and sunflower oil mixture with peppermint to battle your symptoms. Every pouch is good for 2-3 baths, depending on how much you prefer in it. I used it as a way to relax after a long day. I'm not dealing with allergies or a cold, but its comforting too. Soaking in the bath relaxes your muscles and eases the tensions you pin up all day. And the wonderful aroma helped clear up my nose just as Vicks Vapor Rub might, but better. 
So here is my challenge to you all. I want you to check out Obi's link (any of the blue words above) and leave me a comment about what you think. This is definitely going on my list for gift ideas. Christmas is around the corner with birthdays in between and after. If you need beauty products that are healthier, look at Perfectly Posh first.