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Friday, July 29, 2016

Diamond Candles gift ideas

I get emails from Diamond Candles on promotions they have going on. Their latest is 50-70% off, plus free shipping on orders over $75.
Christmas is closer than you think and plenty of months with birthdays in between. As such, I'm constantly looking for a good deal. These candles boast great scents, but also a ring inside. Not only do you satisfy the need to burn sweet, aroma-filled candles  around the home, but you can enjoy the sweet satisfaction of unwrapping a ring of unknown value! You can appraise your ring on their website. I once mentioned Diamond Candles as I posted about a couple of websites that offer similar products. It was in December and their ratings were terrible with lots of complaints on their Facebook page. I've gone back to look over posts done recently and noticed a lot of happy customers. Perhaps they deserve a second chance. As such, I went looking at their discounted candles and found several that tickle my fancy - for myself as well as for gifts. I don't want to spend $75 just to get free shipping though. So I went looking for a code for another discount. I found one that worked for $5 off. Shipping is only $7.95. So at least this takes most of the shipping off. Below is what my total looked like after finding 4 candles I'd like. They range from $8 - $12.50. 
Enter the code BX5XG2 for $5 off even if its the discounted candles. Its like getting a candle from Bath and Body Works as far as quality goes, but you get a ring in each one! I'm thinking I might order some and if I do, I'll be posting a review! 


  1. Do they have scents like gardenia or other flower scents? Do they last?

    1. I ordered a few of them and was planning to try the Bamboo scented one soon. Then I can give an informed opinion. They do have floral scents here https://www.diamondcandles.com/collection/all-ring-candles#?offset=0&limit=12&filters=%7B%22Fragrance%22:%5B%22floral%22%5D%7D&column=minPrice&order=1