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Sunday, July 31, 2016

BJ's is a new family favorite

While running some morning errands, we decided to stop and grab a bite to eat. BJ's off of 281 was nearby and since it was 11:00, they were just opening. No wait to be seated. 
The staff was cheerful and our waiter was extremely attentive. Our drinks were always filled and our needs were met. 
I took my daughter to the restroom and was thrilled with the provision of a step stool. I have a difficult time lifting her at others places to wash her hands in restrooms that cater to adults. 
The food was amazing! Happy faces the entire time.
We ordered the mozzarella sticks appetizer, but the kids were also give fruit and Parmesan bread knots while we waited for our food. I ordered the half sandwich and fries lunch special. I chose the triple decker, wedge fries and the broccoli and cheese soup. 
My daughter chose the spaghetti and smiley face fries while my son chose spaghetti and fruit.
He devoured all his spaghetti while she was focused on the fruit. 
I managed to finish the sandwich, half the soup, and some fries before feeling too full. I did, however, try some of the s'mores pizookie we got to share. 
The manager made her rounds checking on everyone and making sure there were nothing but happy customers. 
I was truly thrilled by the experience and would definitely recommend this place to others. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Diamond Candles gift ideas

I get emails from Diamond Candles on promotions they have going on. Their latest is 50-70% off, plus free shipping on orders over $75.
Christmas is closer than you think and plenty of months with birthdays in between. As such, I'm constantly looking for a good deal. These candles boast great scents, but also a ring inside. Not only do you satisfy the need to burn sweet, aroma-filled candles  around the home, but you can enjoy the sweet satisfaction of unwrapping a ring of unknown value! You can appraise your ring on their website. I once mentioned Diamond Candles as I posted about a couple of websites that offer similar products. It was in December and their ratings were terrible with lots of complaints on their Facebook page. I've gone back to look over posts done recently and noticed a lot of happy customers. Perhaps they deserve a second chance. As such, I went looking at their discounted candles and found several that tickle my fancy - for myself as well as for gifts. I don't want to spend $75 just to get free shipping though. So I went looking for a code for another discount. I found one that worked for $5 off. Shipping is only $7.95. So at least this takes most of the shipping off. Below is what my total looked like after finding 4 candles I'd like. They range from $8 - $12.50. 
Enter the code BX5XG2 for $5 off even if its the discounted candles. Its like getting a candle from Bath and Body Works as far as quality goes, but you get a ring in each one! I'm thinking I might order some and if I do, I'll be posting a review! 

Academy clearance gift ideas

While waiting for my ride after work today, I wandered around the Academy Sports next door. They have lots of clearance going in several areas of the store. I found the summer clearance in the back. Picked up bubbles at .99 each. 
Then found these micro kites for $1.48 each. 
I picked several to give away later. 
They also had pool toys, water guns, and swim suits. Stock up now for fun times later. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Office Depot deals and the stock pile

I love the Office Depot deals. Their weekly changing of the penny deals helps me save money and put aside the supplies that my elementary kids and college fiancĂ© need. Last week I almost didn't get anything. This week I hit two stores and scored at both. I have pronged folders for all of them, mechanical pencils for the fiancĂ©, colored pencils, Sharpie markers, pencil boxes and notecards. 
This entire lot cost me a little under $2! Some of the pencil boxes I will be using to organize my office supplies box for easier access throughout the year. The notecards are great for quick lists or to keep in the car for those "I need paper!" moments. The pack of Sharpie markers were $1 for 5. I picked up the color pencils as I noticed my kids have gone through most of theirs and were .50. You are supposed to have a $5 minimum purchase. What I found is that when they scan everything, then total it out - the discounts apply.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Stocking up on diapers is a start

Preparing for my final baby has been quite the adventure. My future mother in law has sent us 2 huge boxes of diapers and one of wipes. She also sent us a crib for her first grandchild.
I've enjoyed the decorating. Yes, Star Wars is the theme for this future nerd. 
It's been a challenge rearranging not only my room, but also my spending priorities to prepare for the arrival of my little girl. I'm doing my best to stock up on essentials and have the things we will need most without purchasing the things I just think are cool. As much as I was tempted to... I resisted the urge to spend $20 on a Wonder Woman onesie for her. Instead I'm taking advantage of sales and coupons to buy diapers. Like this weeks sale at Target. 
Lots of the diapers that come in the $24.94 boxes (Huggies, Pampers and Luvs) were buy 3 and get a $20 gift card back. Plus I printed 3/$2 off coupons from coupons.com. 
I've got a pack for each size now starting at Preemie all the way to 4. Wipes is what I'm going to need more of. I've started sorting clothes that were donated to me by sizes in under the crib storage bins. We have gotten creative with storage. Like hanging this bathroom shelf with an attached bed skirt pocket thing for baby items. 
I did order a tactical diaper bag from ThinkGeek.com.
One thing I use a lot when I have a baby is the diaper bag. It's best to have 2 on hand and one usually comes from the hospital. Those that come from the hospital are great to keep in the van for emergencies. Using them like I would normally ends up with them falling apart quickly. This one is heavy duty and has changeable tags so that mom and dad can switch out. Pockets galore and places to clip things on make storage and organization a dream! It was a little pricey, but not much more than other diaper bags and will be useful for a long time to come. Well worth the investment. I'm eagerly anticipating this little bundle of joy. And each step is a challenge I'm ready to face. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gift ideas come from the emails I get...

It seems like deals and steals are popping up everywhere right now. From my emails I'm seeing sales and promo codes coming in. Which is perfect. I'm in need of gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays for the rest of the year. And since I'm having to watch the spending, it helps to catch those deals. Today I checked out Bath and Body Works. There was an email with the code "FAVES4DAYS". I decided to see what other promotions they have on their website and if I would be able to combine this 20% off code with clearance shopping. Amazingly enough, it worked! Look what I was able to do.
I know several ladies that love Bath and Body Works and who keep it on hand. These will make great gifts! There are other things that are marked down or on sale. Buy 3 Get 3 on the Signature Collections is just one. 5 Pocketback for $6 is another. Get shopping while the deals are hot and save your money later when everyone is raising the prices.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gift ideas

So I'm again trying to get through the gift giving ideas and decide who gets what for Christmas and birthdays for the rest of this year. December is a full month for me. So many people to buy Christmas gifts for and my mothers birthday. Thankfully, I have a little time left to prepare myself. Recently, I received an email from Jewel Scent. In case you don't remember, I did a couple jewelry candle reviews. These are amazing and fun! And on top of that, they also offer soaps. Well, when you subscribe for their emails, they send their latest deals. And right now, you can order $35 or more and get an additional ring worth $50. You just enter the code 50RING at checkout in the coupon or code box. It will show on the order list as being applied. Even better is that some of them are discounted already. Like this Cotton Candy one that is marked down to $19.99.
Don't forget to check out their Specials. I checked to see if you can combine those with this additional ring promotion, but it tells me I haven't met the requirements for that. That does suck. If you just want to forego the additional ring, I did see some under $20.
Who would you get this for?? 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Remember what we are celebrating and say a prayer for those who have served, are serving and those who give their love and devotion to our troops.
Travel safe! This weekend is supposed to have high volumes of traffic, both on the roads as well as in the air. Due to the terrorist attacks recently (especially in Istanbul), security has been beefed up in airports. In addition, the time it takes to get through security has increased. So prepare yourself. On the plus side - gas prices have dropped.
Enjoy and stay hydrated as you have fun.

Summer time is here, half a year is gone...

Can you believe that we are already over half a year into 2016? July is here. Summer is in full swing. I have to mark my calendar with all the events we have lined up for the next 3 months just to keep up. And I have to check in on it often. With 3 little ones and hitting the 4 ¾ months in the pregnancy, I’d crazy without that little bit of order.

So what does the start of July mean for me?
My daughter continues to get caught up on her shots so she can start preschool this year! My 3 year old baby won’t be the baby for long… She turns 4 next month and goes to school the following month! Where has time gone?

July – August also means that soon we will take our boys to 6 Flags. My little smarty pants duo won tickets and they will soon be eligible for use. A day of fun, sun, and roller coaster rides! Even though I’m pregnant, I’m considering riding some milder ones… Though this story about one getting stuck on the tracks and the riders needing to be rescued worries me a bit.
There is also a retro gaming convention coming up.
My boys play Super Mario Bros and Minecraft among the newer games of Lego Dimensions and Skylanders. So if I’m able to introduce them into true retro gaming – i.e. Arcade games, Atari, Sega, Nintendo 64…. YES! My kids will be nerds and I will be one proud mama. I might also take at least the older one to Austin to play Minecraft Summer Splash!
You get to play Minecraft Undersea Adventure in theaters on the big screen – with CaptainSparklez. For those of you who aren’t big nerds… Minecraft is an awesome game! And it is one that now allows you to play in an underwater world (something I have yet to be able to do). CaptainSparklez is a huge hit on YouTube that posts videos of himself playing Minecraft. He’s in the top 100 list for having the most subscribers on YouTube. (How sad is it that this guy is a major hit and younger than me…). This group of events is going on across the country, lasts for 5 days, and is being hosted by Super League. My oldest son would lose his mind…

We are also in the summer reading program for Half Price Books!
I am trying to get their 300 minutes of reading in for July towards free books since they love reading. If you haven’t gotten into it, just print up a form for the month of July and get on it!
July 4th is this weekend. So many events are happening around San Antonio. I’m hoping to take my kiddos to the base up the street for some family fun and the fireworks. We bought some glow sticks and I plan on making them s’mores too.  But more than all these fun things, I want my kids to understand why we celebrate Independence Day. What freedoms we were granted as well as the cost.