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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thrifty finds!

Thrift store shopping can be a lot of fun. You never know what you will find or how much you will save. I look for clothes for work there. Or books. I always have to check the books out. My mom gets lucky often at her local thrift store. They have amazing deals. One that they had recently was. Anything under $20 = you only pay .99.
She found name brand clothes, like a dress (that still had the $64.95 price tags attached) and a leather jacket. Both were priced under $20, so she got both of them at .99 each.
She got this outfit, which was $2. It includes the skirt from Talbots and a Dress Barn shirt.
This outfit was made of Levi jeans, red tag. The shirt is a J Jill.
This skirt came from Target, Mossimo. The sweater is thick and chunky. It’s a mens brand called John Weitz.
I like this one. It’s an A line skirt by New York Company with a silky grey shirt that came from Nue Options.
We met up in Houston while she was on a trip away from Florida. There is large thrift stores called Texas Thrift that we decided to check out. I found this white sheer shirt for work.
I also found a nice black top. I had a skirt that would have been nice with either one, but since someone took the price tag off of it I couldn’t get it. But I know it was a Mossimo pinstripe one that I plan to hunt down online…
Thrift stores have such a stigma. They smell. You don't know who wore those clothes. Did someone die on that couch? Who needs this junk? But there are so many great finds if you know what you are searching for. I've found a Gone With the Wind Barbie, a Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Barbie doll, name brand clothing.... The things I've found! I probably could've made decent money buying and selling them online if I had the ambition to do so. The trick is knowing what you need or what you are looking to score. Then sticking to a game plan to find those things. Like I said, I hit books every time. But I also go for clothes. And when I start planning my next serious cosplay, I have every intention of hitting a thrift store to get pieces to make what I need. I can't afford to go new and not everything is great new. I've got plans to take my kids to San Japan this year. And we will all dress up. With them in Star Wars for sure.


  1. Love thrift shopping. The savings give me a natural high. Did you look in your city for those thrift stores?

    1. I love it too. I'm going to try shopping this weekend and find some other places to go to.

    2. Got your txt messages and didnt have time to write back - super busy all day. But i did look at that thrift store yesterday and it was very nice and small store. I didnt really shop, just quick looked at it before i volunteered at cps festival.

  2. Replies
    1. I think du Paul is one that she goes to near her house.

  3. St. Vincent de paul? Thats by 16 rd - maybe a different one?

    1. Yes. That's one place she goes to. You would have to ask her where else she goes.