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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Clearance shopping on vacation

I went for a weekend trip to visit my Nana in Louisiana. No matter what store I vist, I look for deals. At the Target in Beaumont, I came across Zak lidded cups that were 70% off and picked up a Princess one for my daughter for only $1.78.
I had found a butterfly shaped foil balloon for $2.50, some minnie mouse napkins for $1.23 each. They also had some Star Wars rebels party supplies that I picked up for my sons birthday. Plates for $1.42 and a table cloth for $1.95. 
The local Family Dollar in Mamou had a 50% sale going on.
Tissue paper with designs on them were $1.50 a pack, party napkins were $1.20 each, table covers at $2 each, favor bags at $1.20 each, small paper plates at $1.20 each, kids washi tape party favors at .80 each, and even a party favor pack at $5. I also picked up a pack of stickers at .50. 
They had built a tiny walmart. Only sells groceries and a limited amount of other things.
I found some bubble wands for .50 a piece and grabbed some to take home to my kiddos. 
Coming home, the local Target had training pants on clearance.
 They also had some wrapping paper on half off. 
So if you are like me, stockpile party supplies now! I get various characters that I know my kids will enjoy later on. 


  1. It's nice you found deals even on vacation. Hope you had a good time.