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Monday, July 20, 2015

I love coupon deals with Target!

I usually stumble across deals randomly. The ones I found yesterday were no different. Chips Ahoy cookies and Magnum ice cream multipacks were my favorites. There is a coupon book for back to school summer that has coupons for these deals. 
First up is the Chips Ahoy cookie deal. Buy the Family Size pack for $3.54. 
Use the 20% off coupon from the book to bring it down to $2.83. Then stack the Cartwheel offer of 15% off to knock it down to $2.41!
If you have a Redcard it will be $2.27 a pack. This is going to mess with my diet but I love cookies.. 
Now for the Magnum ice cream. They are on sale for $3.25 for the multipack. 
The coupon book has $1/1 of those packs. So there's an immediate drop to $2.25. Cartwheel has an offer for 20% any ice cream.
These brings them down to $1.80. Redcard drops it down to $1.71! Don't know about you, but nothing beats coming home to a cool snack on a hot day.