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Monday, June 8, 2015

Samsill product review via Shoplet.com

Shoplet has so many great things for your business or office needs. I was sent some Samsill products to review for you guys. 

First up is the Speedy Spine view binder.
Its meant to last a lifetime and is guaranteed for that. Why is it called Speedy? Have you ever had to change the spine label on a binder? They are usually difficult. Getting stuck, not fitting right, its always something that causes issues. This binder is supposed to have come up with a way around that so that loading is faster. I find that the insert that was included definitely does slide in and out with ease.
There's a place for easier grip to pull out the insert. So add your own graphics and keep everything organized and/or stylized like you! There are also two clear pockets on the inside for extra storage. The only downside I found with this binder is the need for two hands to open the rings inside.
I've gotten spoiled with my other binder that opens one-handedly. 

I've saved the best item for last.
This is a Professional Pad Holder. I love to write. This just makes it even more fun. It has interior pockets to hold documents, business cards, and digital media.
There is also a pen loop. I can stay organized while taking my notes or writing on the go. Everything stays neat. I feel so professional while using this! 

Don't forget to check out Shoplet.com for all their office supplies. They also offer promotional products, office stationary, and medical supplies