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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lego free mini build

Today is June's Lego free mini build event. We will be making the cute little parrot. Anyone else going? This will be the last month of having to stand in line 30-60 minutes waiting for our turn to build. 
Next month, it changes to the pre-registration system which you can actually start now. I've reserved my spots for my boys so that I can go when we are ready without having to wait. Just go to shop.lego.com/minibuild-registration to get started.
You will need to bring a picture ID. 

June looks to be full of fun. According to the calendar, June 22-28 is when you can get a free Lego Star Wars poster with ANY Star Wars purchase. Even something as small as a key chain. 

June 8-12 there will be a dinosaur scavenger hunt. Find all the dinosaurs hidden in the store and you get your passport stamped. 

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