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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Free Comic Book Day success!

I couldn't wait to leave work today. The thought of going to Heroes and Fantasies here in town, was driving me to get through the day. As I mentioned last night, today, May 2nd, is the Free Comic Book Day! Comic stores and even some book stores that have comics are giving away free comic books in celebration of reading and love of comics. The store I mentioned had so many to choose from. Everyone was given 2 comics just for visiting the store. Kids under 14 got another bonus one and anyone in costume got a bonus one.
My kids each got 4 comics while my husband and I got 2 each. Anything after that would've been only $1 each. As an added bonus, they had cosplayers you could have your picture taken with. 
From here on out, I've decided that I will ask off FCBD. The first Saturday of May is the day to mark each year. So be ready! 
What comes next this month? A day to celebrate Star Wars! May the 4th is Monday! And I can't wait to show my support of my favorite saga. 


  1. Love a good freebee. Looks like you had a fun day.

    1. Same here. Quite tired though. Did you get any?