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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring cleaning? Not my favorite chore....

Its that time of year when cleaning out the clutter is necessary. We were preparing for a move but it seems that wasn't happening just yet. As I packed, I came across things that we never use, don't need anymore, or just don't want. I took a bag filled with old movies to Hastings first. While they didn't take everything, it cleared out a chunk of space and gave me a hefty bit of store credit so I can get the things I actually want. Those movies were ones that we had but either never watched or didn't even know why we had them. I also have some books that I tried cashing in, but was told I'd get .75 for each. While browsing posts by the Krazy Coupon Lady, I came across one she had for de-cluttering the home. She had a link for a website you can sell your books on and see how much you'd get for each one. Sadly, I'd get the same price as if I sold them at Hastings or Half Price Books. I'm thinking I'll list them on Listia or eBay instead.
Listia is a credit-based trading site. No money is exchanged for the items themselves, though you can have buyers pay the shipping. You instead get credits that can only be used on the website to "bid and buy". It's auction styled like eBay.

As for clothing, I have a large amount of boys and girls clothing that my kids have outgrown. I've just been tossing them into bags and piling them up. I tried Craigslist. Didn't get any hits off that. I tried posting to a local swap page on Facebook without much luck either. My last resort will be ThredUp. You just order a prepaid postage bag and when you get it, stuff it with clothes to send back. You can look up what types or brands are accepted. Whatever they don't buy, they will donate to a local charity.

I have to do some other organizing around here. Since my husbands Lego hobby is taking over more and more of the small apartment we currently share, I'm packing away my own stuff to make room and see how much I have so I'll know what kind of truck to rent when I move the kids and I out next year. I found some cool tips to help make extra space from the Krazy Coupon Lady. Here's a post on getting organized.

So here's to making room and maybe making money to boot! Let's get rid of the clutter and make more space for the things we enjoy. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clearance and Care Packages make the day better!

You gotta love finding deals and getting some love in a box from your little sister.
Hope you guys are checking for cool savings as well.
Don't forget to share!

Remember to check your endcaps! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Deals and savings

Theres a great new coupon for any one Windex product. Its $1/1. Target has four pack Windex Electronic Wipes that are anywhere from a dollar each to $1.99 depending on your store. Having the coupon means you can score them for free or as low as .99 since the coupon doesn't give size restrictions. I found these in the travel sized wall section. 
Plus you should definitely ask about the Easter Deals coupon book.
Its like what they gave away for Valentine's Day, but for Easter. On top of having coupons, there are some recipes too.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pringles for 76¢ a can at Target

Cartwheel has two kinds of Pringles half off. These are the tortilla kinds; Original or Nacho flavors only. This offer expires March 21st though, so act fast. 2 per guest at a time. Normally they are $1.52 a can. 

Free pancakes at IHOP!

For St. Patrick's day, IHOP will be giving away free short stacks (3 pancakes) of buttermilk pancakes if you come in wearing green! 
All you have to buy is your drink! 7AM to 7PM. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

February's Bulu Box review

My February Bulu Box arrived. Forgive my delay at finishing the review, but I wasn't all that thrilled this time. This one contained; 28 heart healthy tips, trubrain THINK DRINK, MET-Rx PRIME peanut butter banana bar, 2 packs of VITA PERK, Sant kickstarter, and a Balance Bare bar. 

Since February was National Health Month, we should be taking time to increase our healthy living activities. Heart disease runs strong, so I like having this guide with tips that I can easily hang on the fridge and glance over often. On the back, they included a few coupons as well. Though don't think February is the only month to be heart conscious!

The MET-Rx Prime bar has 20g of protein, 12g of fiber and only 210 calories.
It's great for your metabolism. They are free of artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. They are also gluten-free with 300mg of Omega-3's from flaxseed. I am happy that they are free of artificial growth hormones. This makes it safer to give my kids some when they want a bite. It's recommended that you eat one with 8 ounces of water for best results. It's thick and chewy.
You can taste the hint of banana amidst the peanut butter. You're definitely going to need to drink water with it. Not too bad overall. 
Balance bare bar was delicious. It was chewy and crunchy all at once with well defined fruit mixed in. It's a nutritional energy bar. Non-gmo, soy free, gluten free and even dairy free.
It makes a good source of fiber in your diet while helping you feel a little full in between meals. 
TruBRAIN think drink tasted like a super sweet fruit punch.
Like Koolaid on sweet steroids. It had a tangy kick to it. It's supposed to help you "access your brains full potential". I had to look it up as there was no information on the sample I'd received. 

"Why did we reinvent energy drinks?

Our team of UCLA trained neuroscientists set out to solve the problem that energy drinks do not genuine focus.
  • Crafted with the perfect amounts of active nootropics
  • Loaded with amino acids to fuel the thinking process
  • Flavored with all natural ingredients like blue agave and monk fruit
  • Provides direct support for concentration and focus
  • Validated with the latest wearable technology"
I don't drink coffee, so I'll be sending the Vita Perk packs home with my dad to try in his coffee. They are packets that add vitamins and minerals to your coffee. I will try the Sant Kickstarter. Its a dried super fruit that you infuse in water. 
You can check out Bulu Box subscriptions here. They are good for those who want to try unusual but healthy things to get life into better habits. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Care package time!

I love getting mail from my mother. You never know what you will get. And the kids go nuts! They miss being close to my family and this is a way to stay connected. This time, mom found some amazing clearance deals. 

I found some awesome clearance that even included some left over Valentine's Day stickers that were .48 each! Check the stationary aisle.

Cinderella movie review

I don't know about you, but I saw the animated version of Cinderella when I was growing up. I read various versions from all around the world of the classic tale. She wasn't my favorite princess, but the idea of going from a poor nobody to a well loved princess... It just warms the heart and gives you that sense of hope for a better future. 

I was fortunate enough to be in on a prescreening of the new live action Cinderella movie. In short? It was beautiful! 
The colors were vibrantly portrayed. Her story was given a few quirky twists. Take, for instance, her fairy godmother.
She's forgetful as she was in the animated version, but now is even more so with a hint of being sassy. The stepmother is jealous of Cinderella from the very start.
Her husbands love of the girl surpasses any love he had for his new bride. As such, she does everything she can to put Cinderella down. Starting in subtle ways but then blatantly once the father/husband passes away while on a business trip. The step sisters, Anastasia and Drusella, aren't as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside.
They are ridiculous and small minded though. 
One of my favorite scenes reminded me of the painting, The Swing: 
Cinderellas mice friends might not speak, but they do make noises and gestures as if they understand what is being said. And they do torment the stupid Lucifer as they did in the cartoon. 
This movie combines the classic tale with humor and wonderful cinematography. It's a charming reminder to hold tight to courage and kindness. In a world full of pain where nothing is free, kindness costs nothing. But it does bring a wealth of smiles and joy. 

Visit the Cinderella website.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to see the new Frozen short before the movie. Frozen Fever was an adorable addition to the Frozen story. Now that all is well with Elsa and Anna, the kingdom is eagerly preparing for Princess Anna's birthday.
Elsa feels bad that so many birthdays had been spent with a door closed between them. She wants everything to be absolutely perfect. But being queen and taking care of every little detail has taken its toll. Poor Elsa is catching a cold. Yes, even the queen of ice and snow can catch a cold. Still she struggles on. As she prepares and greets her little sister, every sneeze brings an addition to the Olaf and Marshmallow family. Sven and Kristoff are supposed to make sure that everything stays perfect as Elsa and Anna work their way to the courtyard for the grand finale celebration. Anna is so happy at all the surprises her sister has set up, but worries greatly for Elsa's health. The grand surprise at the end makes it all come together perfectly.
Anna's favorite part of her birthday? Taking care of her beloved sister. Such a beautiful short! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Free Lego and pancakes? Oh my!

Tomorrow shall be a busy day indeed. After work, I think I might just stop by IHOP to pick up a short stack of buttermilk pancakes for IHOP's National Pancake Day. Just remember to donate to a charity if you are able. 

Tomorrow evening, we will be going to the Monthly Lego Build at the mall.  
And then of course, somewhere in the midst of this fun, we also have to go look at some houses to rent as moving time is upon us once again. 
Wednesday night I'll be going to the prescreening of the new Cinderella. So be looking for my review on that!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What a day!

So another weekend is coming to a close. I was off and tried to get as much as possible done. All week, my to-do list grows and the first chance I get, I chip away at it. We got our movie collection sorted. It really amazes me how many movies we have as a couple that neither of us have seen or even remember why we bought it. Since we are not only moving in the next month or so, but I will be making an even longer distance move with the kids in the next year, we took the time to separate the movies into 4 groups; his, mine, kids, toss. It took at least an hour. Thankfully, the boys were at my in laws for the night and my daughter was happily playing. It emptied an entire storage bin! I swept the apartment throughout. 
The student driver got more practice time behind the wheel. 

I got a wonderful care package from my mother! My daughter tried on some of the clothes... 

Then, this morning (Sunday), we find that our refrigerator and freezer are both not working. Nothing like scrambling to buy ice, ice chests, and toss everything that has gone bad.
We ended up buying a deep freezer as well. On the positive side? I scrubbed it out and will be starting from scratch on replenishing my food supplies. The down side? I was planning to bring lunch for my team to work tomorrow.... I still plan to be creative and use what I managed to save for both dinner and lunch tomorrow. But tomorrow night, I'm going to have to go food shopping. Again. 

Making Minion cupcakes

I really love baking. So much so, that I have to seriously start working out again. When I do bake, I try to bring and share at work. Really good way to make sure I'm not stuck eating it all myself. Today, we had cupcake wars.
Sadly, I'm the only one who brought in anything and won by default. Not cool! But getting a gift card was cool... I made these adorable Minion cupcakes along with multi flavored icing-topped cupcakes. 
What you need: 
Cupcakes, make any kind you like
Twinkies, each one makes 2 minions
Smarties candy or premade sugar eyes
Black detailing icing
Blue icing: you can use blue confetti icing and skip the confetti or buy white icing and blue food coloring

Ice the tops of your cupcakes. Then follow the video instructions below to make your minions.