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Sunday, February 15, 2015

My shopping trip

I picked up some Chips Ahoy cookies
that came to $1.53 each after using  .75/2, plus the sale $1/3,
as well as cartwheel 10% off.
This was my reward after spending Valentine's Day cleaning up. I woke up to this mess in my boys' room...
That used to be a poster. Wonder how long it took...
Then I did laundry... 
Let the kids outside to play until they tried to get water for the guns and the sand they wanted to play in... 
My green onions are thriving better than I am these days. 😆 
And finally I got started on cleaning the garage. 
It's turned into quite the ugly mess. And since I'm also taking the time to divide my belongings from my husbands, I only got through 4 bins so far. 
My next treat will be the Breyers Gelato Indulgences. Around here, they go for about $3.99 (check your stores).
There is a $1/1 printable coupon. And then stack on the 10% offer in Cartwheel.
Looks like I'll need a buddy to help finish this one off. 😉


  1. Your day looks a lot like mine. Yikes! Well minus the poster. Haha.

    1. That poster was EVERYWHERE.... I can just imagine the meticulous tearing.

  2. Do you remember I had full of junk in the car garage when we moved here back in 2013? Haha!!! I bet it drove you nuts! I threw about 40ish huge white bags of junk stuff to be donated or threw away! Art kept telling me that I have an OCD still but who knows!

    1. Yeah I remember. I'm trying to get my stuff organized and cleaned up. I don't want to move too much to Florida.

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