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Friday, February 27, 2015

Another day off

I had the day off yesterday and was ready to sit down and post away to my hearts content. Did that happen? No. I was too busy letting the student driver practice,
(Yep, still serious) running errands, and then there was the 3 loads of laundry.... 

While I was at Target though, I did find a few goodies. Like these lime Green Party napkins.
My baby sister loves lime green and her birthday is in July. So I picked up a couple bags to send to my mom at a $1 each. It seems green is the party color for clearance deals. I found napkins, paper straws, and table covers. Sadly, they were all regular green and not the lime. 
The. I went in search of toothpaste. I had a Target coupon and manufacture coupon for Colgate.
These were on clearance, so score! 


  1. Our Target only had hunter green on sale. I did find a pack of Angry Bird pencils for my grand sons. So yay on that. I found 2 binders for a couple bucks each. 1 pink for Rachel. School will be here soon enough. So thanks for inspiring us to look at the clearance. Every cent these days help!!

    1. Always have to remember those end caps. Clearance is all throughout the store on the backs of aisles.