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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thanks, Facebook. *Add sarcasm here*

Well, my blog is slowly plummeting. Far less views and less interaction is causing less notice for less reviews. I keep sharing deals and information, but I think the only people are seeing them are the few people who follow (mostly 2 in particular) and some who are on my Facebook page. Facebook is part of the problem these days. Not entirely their fault, but mostly. They are starting to hide posts by "Pages" unless you pay for their boosting services. I, for one, don't care to pay for it. Nor do I make money off my posts to pay for it. Everything I share is free information that I feel may benefit others.
"Fewer people may be seeing your Page posts because of a decline in organic reach, which is happening as the amount of content being shared on Facebook grows faster than people's ability to see it. To help people have a good experience on Facebook, we try to show them the most relevant stories in their News Feeds. This means that as the amount of content shared on Facebook continues to grow, your Page posts will be competing with more stories to appear in News Feed.
You can help your Page posts have a better chance of being shown in News Feed by creating high-quality posts and engaging with your audience."
What can I post that would be more interesting to you?
Google, also, has made it difficult. Not only do I have issues with posting too often, but they don't seem to be as visible these days.

From these days on, there will be less reviews and giveaways. I'll post what few deals I catch, coupons or discounts I find for great savings, and the occasional event. And you know, the story or two about something I find important.

So do me a favor? Post a comment if you see anything. Even a hello is a nice way to let me know I didn't post entirely in vain. I appreciate all of you!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Gwen! I appreciate it. 8-)

  2. Maybe you should get yourself a youtube account and VLOG. You can make video posts of what you do here. Blogs just aren't a popular as they once were. Many folks like to watch a video. Just think about it. It is the same thing you do now, you just vid it all. 1 way or the other I read them!! As a matter of fact the other day I watched one of my youtube vids about saving and I was challenged to not spend extra this month. So I was wondering what to make for dinner. I went to your blog and saw the sheppard's pie and said I have all but the meat. But I had ground sausage. It worked out so well. I was thankful for your blog.

    1. I will begin posting more video logs here and on YouTube. Especially on a review or two I have coming up. I'm glad you were able to use something I posted. I'll be posting more recipes as a matter of fact.

  3. Hello my target stalker! I always come to your blog often! :)

  4. And even your Lil bf likes your blog too! He always looks for pictures of you 😊 he's so crazy about you still