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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Taking time to look back...

The older I get, the more it seems like time is attached to a bullet train. It's determined to speed on by without stopping along the way or at least slowing down so I can see the scenery as we go. 
This past year has been full of adventures. A long distance move, switched work centers with various new trainings, reconnecting with old friends, letting go of those holding me back, and making memories to last a lifetime. I've been looking back and reconsidering everything I've done.
What could I do better? Do I need to do anything different in this new year or stay my course? Of course I see plenty of room for change. 
Even though gas prices have dipped below $2 a gallon here, I'm desirous of getting a motorcycle in the next few months.
No sense in one person driving a 7 passenger van 23 miles one way everyday. Besides, riding motorcycles  was always a passion of mine. I've missed it for the past 7 years. 
Speaking of 7 years, the marriage itch has been satisfied and then some. I'm over being the mommy of three with the additional adult "child" I call my husband. This past year has tested us as a couple and showed me where his priorities truly lie. I've given my best. I'm done. My unhappiness has only grown to anger and bitterness. And it's time for a change towards the positive. This year will be our last as a couple. Everything happens for a reason and I've learned a great deal.
I'm going to be working hard.
Maybe more so than before. And hopefully also be taking classes. My degree has been on the back burner. No time like the present to get stuff done. 
This last year brought some fun times. I watched my dear friend walk the stage and get her diploma.
I visited my family and saw a friend I haven't see in nearly 10 years.
I went to two anime cons. In cosplay! 
It's been good overall even while shadowed in sadness or regrets. I eagerly embrace 2015. The changes and the struggles. The good with the bad. It's making me stronger, wiser, braver. My confidence grows. These things make it all worth my while. 
I don't bother with New Years resolutions. Why wait for a new year to make a change that can be started now? Over this next year though, I will strive to love myself more. To take a few minutes here and there to relax and give myself a break. I'll fight to be a better mother.
I'll stand strong for them and myself. And no matter how awful the day is going, I'll find the positive. A little dedication goes a long way. 
What will you change this year? 


  1. I like the message and the pics. HAve a great year!

    1. You too! Thanks for all your support!