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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shopping these days

Clearance is beginning to thin out. But the deals are still there if you look hard enough. I mainly shop at Target and HEB, so those happen to be the deals I post more about. 
Today we stopped by Target. We had found the Lego series 9 mystery packs still on the shelves. Apparently, some stores aren't doing what they should to get products out on time. This was wonderful news for us, however, since these are selling for $1.99 on Amazon. Some stores accepted us price matching them. Today I was told we couldn't as it was a seller and not Amazon.com itself. I suppose you have to try your luck at your store and see how it goes. One of the ones I bought a couple nights ago turned out to be an empty bag. Someone stole the lego pieces and left the paper. So I took it back for an exchange. 
I found these little Barbie (Kelly) dolls on an endcap in toys. 
My daughter loves these so I've started picking various ones when I find them marked down. They were $5.58 plus I found a Cartwheel deal of an additional 10% off. 
In clothing, you can get an additional 15% off clearance clothing for infants and toddler. 
Perfect time to buy for next year if you have the storage space. 

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