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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Goodbye Lego City

I won't be building the Lego City anymore. Sorry guys. 


  1. Don't need to say sorry - you are a super busy mom. Take care of 3 kids, full time job, home school mom and other things - that's way too much for you. You need a break from it and try to be with your kids more. It's really impt for your kids and they really need to be with you too.

  2. No problem! I always support for you!

  3. Aleeanne is right. Home is were the memories grow! We are women and expected to do ALL things but we are human and can't. Don't kick yourself for that!!

    1. I'm not. I love building, but I have to spend more time with the family and getting us back on track. Maybe when the kids are older we will build things together.