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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Free Sea World Preschool Pass for kids 3-5

To celebrate all the fun SeaWorld San Antonio has for our littlest guests, we’re offering kids ages 3-5 living in Texas a FREE SeaWorld Preschool Pass. So they can ride, climb, splash, and play at BOTH SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio through September 7, 2015 for FREE!
Register now for your child’s FREE Preschool Pass! Online registration ends May 31, 2015. Then print your confirmation and bring it any ticket window at SeaWorld San Antonio, along with (1) a valid form of ID for your child [a COPY of certified birth certificate or travel passport] and (2) verification of Texas residency for the parent/guardian. The Preschool Pass CANNOT be redeemed at a park kiosk. Only the child’s parent/guardian may register them for this Pass and redeem at the park. You must redeem your Preschool Pass at the park by July 31, 2015.


  1. Did you get it for your kids? We have something similar for Florida kids too!

    1. Yeah. I just have to go there to get the real pass, but I got the emailed version.