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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Clearance and deals

I have been so busy with randomness that I keep forgetting to post some things I've come across lately that are fantastic! Clearance is getting underway as stores need to prepare for the new items trending this year. Target has a deadline they call the Bounce Back which is where everything has to be marked down, prettified and ready for the new year of merchandising no later than January 23rd. At least that's the deadline in our region. So in case you haven't noticed, toys in particular have hit the 50-70% off Mark this past Thursday. Here's what I found so far... 
These Let's Play food sets were about $4.48 I think! Amazing deal to get and give later as a gift for your little imagination players. 
Thes Disney Frozen kitchenware items are all 50% off. The cups were a little over $2 each. The pack was $4.48. 
Lego sets are also half off. We found these Star Wars and Chima sets mostly, however, there were a few Friends and City ones too. 
The next photo is something recently added to the sales floor in Target and aren't on sale. But they are a great tool for avid Lego builders. 
There's several types of Lego storage things that are all usually together on an endcap either in toys or in home storage. 
I'm excited about some new sets Lego is introducing in March! 
Elves!!! I collect the Elven figures from the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring sets, but these are looking amazing and I can't wait to see what they are like. 
I grabbed these GoodNites at a steal using a printed manufacturers coupon and a Target coupon I got while checking out once before!
Remember to share any deals you are finding. Now is the perfect time to gather up gifts for birthdays, celebrations, and Christmas!


  1. Our Target don't have the great deals your have. I wanna shop with you. My girls just got a kitchen and would love the food.

    1. I wish I'd known, I would've bought it for them. I went looking for them, but every store was sold out that I went to. I'll keep my eyes open next time. I need a shopping list!