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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time to bring out the boobs!

Before you think I've taken a job as a stripper, it's October again. That translates to Breast Cancer Awareness month. 
I've met some amazing women who beat it. I've heard stories about those who fell to it. And I diligently check my own girls (despite being small on the cup size). 
I implore all my fellow ladies (and even the gents) to check the boobies regularly. Give them a good rub, while feeling for lumps. Can't get comfortable feeling yourself up? Go to a medical professional and pay them to. If not for yourself, do it for those you love. Catching the disease early on can save your life. 
October 13th is No Bra Day. As much as you might not like going without (and some of us shouldn't go without) it's the one day to let them hang free as we show support to those fighting, who fought, and who lost the battle. 
Guys aren't exempt, A or A- cups either, we could all fall prey to it. 
To those who beat it, you are heroes! MawMaw, Sue, Joanne, and whoever I missed. You ladies keep fighting and know I'm in full support! 

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