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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Super Target!

They have clearance at 70% in the summer area. Picked up a couple boxes of Summer Shapes fruit flavored snacks at .89 each!
As if it's not a super deal already, Cartwheel has another 5% off.
Aisles are looking bare though, so you better check soon!
Lego clearance is also disappearing in various stores. I found another Star Wars set marked down to $17.48 at 30% off the normal $24.99. 
There was some Chima sets half off. 
Also found these shirts for $8. There is a 20% off Planes Fire and Rescue in Cartwheel. 
And I finally decided to buy the boots I've been wanting! They are normally about $30-35 but the online price is $26.24. And you should be able to price match. These are not only cute, but they will go great with my Lara Croft cosplay. 
Enough of Target shopping for now! 


  1. Queen TarLego and King TarLego :) looks like you had a fun weekend! Hope to hear more about your water park vacation :)

    1. I'll be posting that review today!

    2. Can't wait to read about it! I hope I can go back with my kids someday!

    3. I was planning to post it but haven't as I was needing some of the waterproof camera photos lol Hopefully today!

  2. Went to Target yesterday but they didn't have the snacks marked. I did find napkin packs 50% off. I got up&up napkins 300 count for $1.48 a pack. So I stocked up on them. Got Jesse pants there also for $17 on clearance. Good deal for picky shopper. So I did get some deals. Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. There are a lot of clearance sales almost all department today. Got my boys new sneakers and they were half off. Im going to wait until they are 70% off and will do bday/Xmas shopping. Love to Xmas shop in July.

    2. Its harder to find a large amount of marked down food when it comes to Target. The Super Targets have far more of a variety and thus a bigger selection of mark down items. Glad you found some good stuff though!