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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Super savings deals

I noticed some really good deals that if you have coupons, would make for some super savings at Target. First, if you buy $100 worth of baby products, you get $20 off. You can either print the coupon from the Target website or have it sent to your smart phone by texting INFANT1 to 827-438. 
Combine this with buy two packs of diapers and get a $10 gift card back, you have $50 already towards your $100!  Select brand name baby products are also 10% off while ALL up & up brand baby products are 10% off.
Plus, Cartwheel had several up & up baby products offers for 5% off. Formula, diapers, rash cream, lotion, wipes, and baby powder were just some of them. Other brand names had 5-10% offers on certain items. 
All Oreo cookies are only $2 a pack! That's the cheapest I've ever seen them in any store. I checked my Target when I got off work and the shelves were nearly wiped clean except for the reduced fat and birthday cake flavors. Oh and the vanilla kinds... 
There were also a couple good coupon deals at HEB here too. Dove ice cream store coupons for $1.25 off....
And the Magnum ice cream coupons for $1.50 off a box. 
Definitely worth checking out for the hot summer days! The Dove ones I know are good until the 15th of this month. And I think the Magnum ones are until the 8th. 
Another reader sent this picture saying she found toddler girl pants on clearance at her local Walmart for $1 each. Most thrift stores and kids resale shops aren't even that cheap! And they are light weight so they can be worn in the warmer months too. 


  1. I so envy the Cartwheel deals. Do you know when Target is putting out summer things for the big clearance to get ready for Fall and Christmas? Just wondering if they did it.

    1. You can print the Cartwheel deals. Just use an email address to sign up instead of using Facebook. And they are setting out Back to School right now. Summer clearance is getting pushed to just one aisle as most of it is gone. Around August is when the next seasonal things should start coming out. Halloween and Thanksgiving AND Christmas should all be coming out about the same time.