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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lego is going on clearance!

Its that time of year again! Back to School rolls out and the toy departments begin marking various things to clearance. We checked out Lego sets in Target and found that most of the clearance was for the Lego Chima sets. We did find some Castle sets though. And a Hero Factory one that was a good deal.
Target is going to be adding a lot more to clearance as they will be resetting the toy aisles.
One day as I got off work, I checked the Lego aisle and found this set.
Its normally $139.99. After my discount and using a gift card that was given to me with $12 on it, I only paid $84 for it! The same day I got this, I picked up things for the kids to snack on when we go to Galveston. There is a sale of Buy 3 Get 1 free of the Kellogg's and Capri Sun brands.
Plus I used the mobile coupon for .75 off the Honey Maid crackers to get a box of the Despicable Me kind for under $2.
In Walmart they had a bunch more sets marked down.
Lord of the Ring
Star Wars
So be sure to check out your local stores and see what you can find. They make great gifts or additions to Lego fan collections! Let me know what you find! We will be going to the Houston Lego store as well. The walls of most stores should be restocked with new and unique pieces.


  1. You both are dif Lego Queen and Lego King - haha! Did y'all buy all of them? Looks great deals.
    I haven't really look at any clearance sales at Target but I will soon. I haven't been to target since Saturday.

    1. No we didn't buy all of them. We bought a few but we use the pictures to show everyone else what is out there.