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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A trip to the Galveston Target

You know I can't go anywhere, even on vacation, without checking out clearance around the local Target. While in Galveston, we stopped. Their Lego aisle was strewn with red tags marking all the clearanced sets.
Most were half off! 
There were about half a dozen more but won't post a bunch more pictures. They were all from these groups of sets. Friends only had one set and a sticker book. 
If you were looking for those amazing Oreo packs at $2 each, I'm sure you must be pretty disappointed. I found the Berry, Reese's peanut butter, and vanilla packs still. Oh and the family packs. This store even had a couple watermelon flavored ones left.
I have a feeling the chocolate ones never came on the trucks after the original sale started. You can, however, price match at Walmart. *shudders* If you can put up with going in one. 
Dollar Spot has new items trickling into place. Including some $1 Frozen totes!
I picked up one. School items and teaching aids are also incorporated into the dollar selection.
This means I'll be able to pick up some things to use in homeschooling my 3. 
I also found some permanent markers at half off. 
And they had 2 whole end caps with paper plates and cups at 15-50% off. 
The plates I even found the Cartwheel offer of an additional 5% off.
These are great to store up on for parties and get togethers later. Saves on cleaning up! Summer items are down to only 1-2 aisles and just because some stores have their 70% off signs up, doesn't mean all do.
Also, just because it says 30% off doesn't mean all of them are only 30% off. Whenever something is clearance, it's usually randomly tossed with whatever clearance is nearby. 
School is just about fully stocked here. I imagine all others will be too. 
It's a transition you won't want to miss! Let me know what deals you find.