Friday, May 23, 2014

What a way to wind up my day!

I am so super stoked about the amazing shopping trip I just had at Target! I paid about .21 for 2 packs of pads, 2 packs of liners, and two stand up bags of Mars candy!
No joke. And here's what I did:
So you guys remember my post on the Poise pads coupons right? Well, true to my word, I checked the sale and you do get a $5 gift card when you purchase 2 packs of pads or liners.
Then you use the coupons (x2) for $2/1 pack. While I was grabbing my packs, I also came across an abandoned Target coupon for $1/1 27-66 count pack.
So altogether I had 5 coupons for the 4 packs. And I got back the 2 $5 gift cards.
Then I headed over to the candy aisle. The Mars stand up bags are currently 3/$8 or $2.66 each.
I grabbed 2 packs using the Target and Manufacture coupons I printed after posting about them.
At checkout, I used the coupons and Cartwheel. I also used my team member discount and Redcard. I paid $10.21, however, I received $10 back in gift cards! So basically, only paid .21!!!


  1. That is good. Your getting so good at this.

    1. I just watch other bloggers and then try to find more savings. Certainly need it!

  2. Lucky you! It didn't work for me :( I did check it in the old people diapers/pads aisle the other day and they have it. You were funny when you told me about it. Haha! You made my night.