Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some interesting finds

We stopped by Target and HEB tonight. Target had some Lego brand folders and notebooks on clearance. They weren't a huge find, but it's so rare that I thought I'd share. 
Just remember that not all stores have the same clearance or mark down at the same time. This store may have them at 30% off, but another might be at 50%-70% off. Let me know if you find any and how much they were! 
I also got to checking my coupons and compared savings for the Bic Soleil disposable razors. It's $3 off any from that collection. Target has them... 
But the cheapest ones I found were $5.79. 
I found the better deal at HEB. 
This 4 pack is only $4.67. Use the coupon and pay only $1.67 a pack. They do have others but not as cheap. 
I'll be picking some of these up for a care package soon. 


  1. I should send you money and let you shop for me. Haha.