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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Huge savings at Target today

The mail brought more happiness in the form of freebies after a long but great trip to Target. Did you get your Kotex sample pack?
Today's shopping trip to Target was a success. A $200 amount brought down to about $128 with coupons, Cartwheel, sales deals and plenty of planning. I didn't get the buy one get one free pizzas I planned on, but there's always until Saturday! For now, I'll show you what deals I saw and got...
The Coppertone Sunscreen was one of my first stops. Buy 2, get a $5 gift card back. Plus the $3/2 coupon that I posted about. These were $6.99 and $4.89 each but there were multiple kinds if you didn't want these. And remember Cartwheel has the 5% off. 
I got the smaller one for my husband to bring on his fishing trips. The spray is for days when I take the family out for fun in the sun. 
Down the paper aisle we found all the Charmin on clearance. I added a $2/1 mega roll pack coupon and got extra savings on the mega size mark down. Score for stocking up on something we use a lot of!
Then on the end cap, there were these packs of napkins, paper plates, paper bowls, and plastic cups all marked down to $1.48 each. We grabbed 4 of the napkin packs, 1 paper plates and 1 of the cup packs. Each one also had 5% off in Cartwheel. Again, savings on things we use daily plus Cartwheel! 
Dr. Pepper was on sale 3/$3 on the 2 liters. I also had a coupon from inside a 12 pack for $1 off two 2 liters or one 12 pack. I paired it up with the 2 liters and got 3/$2! My husband drinks this stuff like I do water. 
I planned to get Digorno pizzas using the Target and Manufacture coupons together. However, the Target one is only for the Build a Pizza kit. This Target had so few pizzas left and none were that kind. So I plan to try another Target or two later. The sale is BOGO free. Add in the coupons and you have really cheap dinners! 
If you or someone you know is an Angry Birds fan, check out the clearance stuff in office supplies. I found folders marked down to 52¢ each.
The Lego Friends and a single Chima one were also marked down again. Those were 94¢ each. 
Cartwheel had 40% off men's apparel today only. I had a coupon for employees only giving another 20% off swim suit items. I planned to use that and the mobile coupon for $3 off a $15 purchase to get my husband new swim shorts but they didn't have his size in the ones he wanted. So instead we bought 2 shirts (one of which was already 40% off the regular price) while adding the 40% off men's clothing in Cartwheel and my discount. Making these a little over half off. Now to get him to toss a couple of his raggedy ones... 
Since he decided not to get the swim shorts, we instead used the 20% off coupon to get me a new one. The Xhilaration swim wear has a 15% off Cartwheel offer as well. 
Remember to check Cartwheel often and pair up your coupons as often as you can! The deals are there but it takes planning and effort to get them. 

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