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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My clearance finds!

While stopping by Target (on my day off again), I just had to look at the clearance. Easter clearance is slowing diminishing and looking like the skeleton of what once was. But the prices have dropped again. In some areas, all the way to 90% off! Here, it's only at 70%. But if you look hard enough, you'll still find some goodies. This is what we found....
The King sized Reese's 2 Egg packs are only 30¢ each!
The singles of Twix, Reese's and Milky Way Eggs are all 20¢ each. 
Then I found the Sophia the First play keys for 30¢. I'm hoping she will like those instead of mine... 
This 4 pack of Reese's bunnies was only 94¢. 
Across from the Easter aisle was gardening supplies. The packets of Seeds of Change organic seeds were clearanced at 74¢ so I picked up some. I'm hoping to add them to our little garden later. 
Then these candy fans (also found a Jake and the Neverland Pirates one) were $1.19. My boys have been begging for some like them, so it was their treat. 
On another aisle, we found this abandoned. The Dollar Spot black dot has been marked down drastically. These were normally $3 but are now only 90¢. Great for those who love to encourage learning or are homeschooling. 
Down in Toys, my husband was really excited to see this promotion: 
The sets included range from $12.99 - $69.99. 
My last great find wasn't on clearance. I bought the Market Pantry fruit snacks (my kids love them). They are $1.89 a box. Then I used the Target Mobile coupon that gave me $1/2 boxes. Just text OFFERS to 827-438.
You will need a smartphone to access the link. I also printed the Target coupon for $1/2 from Target.com. That brings them down to just 89¢ a box! 
But there's more! Cartwheel also has a 5% off.
So they are now 84¢, plus my Redcard and employee discount... It's a steal for those special kid-friendly treats. 
Let me know what you found. If you found the Lego sets on clearance in the Easter section - totally jealous! None here 8-( 

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