Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just went to Target!

Yes, back to Target on my day off. Did some shopping for things we needed. I bought Palmolive x2 for only .99 each!! There is the mobile Target coupon that takes $1.25/1 (used my husbands smartphone for the second one).
Since they are temporarily cut down to $2.24 each, it makes these stock pile worthy. 
Also bought Huggies Pull Ups on clearance for $16 for the large pack. These were cheaper than the Up & Up brand on sale. 
Bought the Up&Up Bleach for free using the $1/1 Up&Up cleaning product mobile coupon. 
A lot of great deals if you just look. If you can find coupons for Colgate toothbrushes, I found some on clearance for $2.08. Check your store and let me know what you find. 


  1. Got another pull ups for 16.00 too. I didn't buy anything much this week.

    1. There weren't a whole lot of deals we needed.