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Monday, March 24, 2014

Free Zest soap

Recently I posted about using the $1/1 Zest soap coupon to get free soap from Walmart or the Dollar Tree. If you go to Walmart, you can get the single packs which should be about .97 and using the coupon = free. Plus you can print that coupon twice per computer. However, if you go to the Dollar Tree, they have the 2 packs for $1. I got 3 of them today (mis printed one of my coupons). 
These were the kinds available. Just to be fair, I checked at HEB and Target to see what they had available. At HEB, there are the 3 packs for $1.98. Use the coupon, and you only pay .98 for 3. 
At Target, I found the 3 packs for $1.99. 
They might not be free, but they are still alternatives in case you don't have the free stores nearby. 

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