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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A yummy dinner that's easy to make from Alisa

All you need is:
Cheese (any kind you like)
1 package of buttermilk biscuits
and about 1 lb of ground beef
You will need a cup cake pan and stone pan to bake them with.

I put it on 350 degrees.
I put the beef in my stone pan and put it in microwave for about 7 or 8 minutes. 
Then you take it out and put cheese on it. Let it melt on the beef while you put the 8 buttermilk biscuits into the cupcake pan. I used a brownie pan and split the biscuit dough so that I had tops and bottoms. 
I put the beef with cheese onto the buttermilk biscuits and then I cover it with the the biscuits I had separated. 
Put it in the oven for about 10 mins or until it turns a golden brown. 
My kids love them.  Enjoy!

Schlitterbahn during Spring Break!

What's better than taking a vacation and not having to go too far from home? Going to Schlitterbahn during Spring Break! Save money by taking a mini vacation, enjoy the cool river rides that have gone green by recycling river water, plenty of fun for every age, and so much more! Just check out Schlitterbahn.com to see what they have to offer. They are also hosting contests, which give you a chance to win tickets of your own. There are more than one location, so find which one is nearest you. San Padre Island has a page you can check out here, https://www.facebook.com/schlitterbahnsouthpadreisland. I've gone once before to the one in New Braunfels and had a blast! We went for a day, but they have resorts allowing you to stay on overnight trips.
Why should Schlitterbahn be your choice this summer? They offer free parking, free life jackets for your precious ones, splash zones are designed to be safe for even the littlest guests, and best of all you can bring a cooler full of food!
98% of the water in the park is recaptured, filtered and reused throughout the season. At the newest resort in San Padre Island was built from wood reclaimed from the wildfires in Austin.
Its the perfect place to make memories with your loved ones this summer. especially your little ones. Its safe and fun. My favorite memories would be coasting down a ride while my husband follows behind and then, since I'm lighter, I keep zooming away while he slows up. Then I slowly float down the river to the docking area.
There are few things you should remember when planning your trip though...
  • Wear swim shoes or flip flops. But with flip flops, be prepared to need to tuck them in somewhere while racing down the fast rides or squish your toes on them to hold them on. That water could take your shoes.
  • Schlitterbahn parks are among the largest in the nation. There will be places that get hot without shade or outdoor carpeting. Wear sun tan lotion and bring extra. While you are in the sun and especially in and out of water, the sun can be brutal if you are not prepared. So you will need to keep reapplying throughout the day. Also keep your shoes with you at all times.
  • Pack a lunch with plenty of drinks! They do allow you to bring food and drinks along. Just no alcohol or glass containers for safety reasons. The park does offer things like funnel cake and turkey legs though among others.
  • My husband reminded me that you might want to wear sturdy glasses that can withstand the ride or take them off during the ride. Same can be said for hats. Having them attached to strings so they can't come off could be a great idea.
  • Bring your waterproof camera to capture the fun moments! And remember to keep your ID, money, cards in a waterproof container. We found wonderful waterproof necklace containers before that carried everything and fit around your neck nicely but with adjustable tightness that doesn't let it get too snug.
Want to know more tips on being Schlitterbahn ready? They have a checklist that can help you plan your trip.
There are also lots of fun facts that can get your kids into the fun while learning.
1) Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is our flagship park and is America’s #1 waterpark for 16 years and has won awards for the best waterpark, best waterpark ride, and best new ride.
2) Schlitterbahn has been the birthplace of nearly every waterpark ride innovation including the world’s first uphill water coaster and the inland surfing ride, the Boogie Bahn.
3) Every park has a claim to fame:
·New Braunfels: World’s longest tube ride; America’s Favorite Waterpark
·South Padre: World’s first Transportainment system where interconnected rivers are queue lines for rides.
·Galveston: World’s favorite indoor park
·Kansas City: Midwest’s longest tubing adventure

So prepare for your fun adventure and let me know what you think about Schlitterbahn! What is your favorite ride?

Cheap coke at Target this week!

Targets nationwide are having a sale on Coke Cola products. This is on 12 packs of Coke products. You can get 5 packs for only $10 - $12 depending on your location as it seems to vary, which makes them $2 each. You must buy 5 packs to get this discounted price, if not they will be $2.49 each. There was a Cartwheel offer, but it looks like Target took that one off before it really expired. Still a good deal though. Here, Universal City, its 5/$12. So they are $2.40 each if you buy 5 or $2.99 each.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cartwheel offer!

I was searching to see if things I was going to buy today had any Cartwheel offers to match. Then I saw this on - 10% off ALL up & up products Storewide. up & up is a Target brand name. And there are so many things you could use this on. Plus, a lot of times you get printed coupons when you buy something store name that you can pair up with this. Happy shopping everyone!
Oh I almost forgot... I know some of you may be like me and hate going to Walmart. But while I was there, I came across some clearance in the front of the store. They had these folders along with several other kinds for only .75 each.

While Alisa was shopping at Hobby Lobby, she also came across some markdowns that were amazing and will make her home even more beautiful!
Frames and artwork that were normally $129.99 each had been marked down anywhere from $19 - $30 each!
Every store has to have clearance at some time or other to make room for new products. So always keep your eyes open and ask an employee! Then let me know what you came across 8-)

More savings and finds

While on break, I happened to be walking through bedding in Target. I came across some sheet sets for Twin and Full sizes that were on clearance 50-70% off regular price!
I picked up a couple more since I'm constantly going through sheets with my boys. The Lego Chima set was $6.58 with a 70% savings
while the Mario Kart set was $10.98 making them half off.
While working, I came across other deals that weren't publicized with sale signs of any sort. Mini marshmallow bags that have a tag saying $1.27 each are actually ringing up .99!
Some Fiber One brownie (?) bars were also ringing up .50 less than the advertised price. Always check to see if something scans at a different price.
Reader Alisa shared her savings on various clearance items she picked up and what plans she has for them. Just because something was holiday clearance, doesn't mean it can't be used for something different later.
She found this cute heart-shaped pan for $2.99, normally $19.99. Her daughter wants to have an everything pink birthday party. What better shape and color than to add a pink heart-shaped cake?
Then she also found a regular round one for $3.99.
These Hershey Kisses candies were only .95.
She found these Goldfish snacks that are normally $4.99 marked down to $1.49. She also had a coupon that took them down to .94 each.
Her daughter needed pencils for school and what could be better than these for only .30!
These snacks aren't just good on Valentines Day. She snagged some for the kiddos to take in the lunch box for only $1.49 (was $4.99).
These throws are always comfy to keep around. I keep one on my couch for days when I'm cold (husband likes it colder than I do). Alisa picked up a red one and a pink one marked down from a regular $9.99 to $1.99 each!
Birthday parties are an annual thing, you know. And with them comes the extra costs of making the child's day extra special. Alisa found these last two things that would make excellent party favors! Both were only .30 each.
Looking for another treat? Starbucks is offering up a deal to really make going twice in a day sweet. Just bring in your morning receipt after 2 PM to get any baked good for $1! Valid at select stores so double check before ordering and its good through March 3rd.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Cartwheel offer!

Target just released a new Target Cartwheel offer valid for 50% off Pringles Tortillas chips! This offer is available only until March 1st. Limit 2 per person. These are normally $1.52, so just .76¢ each after using Cartwheel. They are pretty tasty too. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let's build memories with specialized books from Twigtale!

As a mom, I love promoting my children to learn. I want to build their self worth views and let them grow with memories of love and happiness. As such, I enjoy building photo books for them. I was recently contacted by the CEO of Twigtale, Carolyn, about hosting a review and giveaway, as well as offer my readers a discount towards purchasing books.
Twigtale offers you the ability to make personalized books that promote learning, self esteem and teaching life lessons while using personal photos and information that bring it all home to young children. These books are written by child experts. I chose the Loved book.
It shows children various pictures that help them associate what it means to be loved. Being loved is not just something you feel, but it comes in the forms of actions taken by others to you. Things that make you happy, keep you well, and provide that warm fuzzy feeling that is typically associated with love. That's what real love is. But how do you explain that to a child? This book tells the story of love in pictures of the child with the parents/caregivers feeding, changing, bathing, hugging, teaching and otherwise "loving" the child.
This is how children learn, by seeing and hearing. Especially at younger ages.
I chose to make my book for my youngest. Uploading the pictures was a snap. The book is completely ready and all you have to do is adjust which wording you want, such as names and age. Then put the pictures that best match the wording on each page. Its short and simple. They provide you with a list of which kinds of pictures you should have ready. This helps you to know what to expect when getting ready to build your book. I highly suggest checking the list against your photos before attempting to make the book. 
Each book is only $20. Plus shipping which is about $5.50 and is priority. After making my book, it took a week (or less) to be made and shipped! There are several books to choose from for just about every stage you might go through with your little ones. Transitions that may be difficult for your child such as potty training, new siblings or starting school. 
So about my book. I love how well it's made. Great binding. The colors are vibrant and the printing is so nice. 
I love the way it's written out. The thought that was put into it's wording is really special. Telling my daughter I love her won't put it into perspective. Not like letting her see pictures with explanations of how I care by changing her diaper and clothes.
It's in the way I give her a bath to help her stay clean. It's how she gets her morning hug. She also knows we are thinking about her even when she sleeps. I'm very pleased with the shipping. Using priority might cost a little more, but it's going to get here quicker.
Over all, its been a wonderful experience to make, order and read this amazing book with my little girl. You can check out their blog with has a great number of helpful posts. Now that I've shared my experience with you, I get to offer all of you, my dear readers, a unique code that gives you 10% off any book you choose. Simply put in TWIG10 at checkout. And then, you can also enter the giveaway for one winner to get a FREE book with free shipping. Check them out and tell me what you think.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New holiday savings finds

While at the New Braunfels Target, I checked out the seasonal clearance. Valentines day clearance isn't limited to just candy and cards. There are toys and home items as well. Look for things that have the heart tags. Most of the items that are left will be 70-90% off. I found a little Barbie doll (Kelly?) for only .59.
Check other areas of your nearest store as I also found a Lego set for $4.98 on clearance. Regularly priced at $9.99.
Stocking up on these for later gifts saves time and money. 
Then I went to the Forum Target and checked what they had. The Star Wars set was $41.98, regularly priced at $59.99. The Hobbit set was $34.98, regularly priced as $49.99.
Both are only 30% off, but they were what was left of them so my husband went ahead and grabbed them. 
In Home, we found MELT candles with the holiday scents at 70% off.
Since I love candles and really love the evergreen and line scent, we grabbed them. The larger one was $3.74, normally $12.49. The smaller ones were $3.08, normally $10.29. 
Back in Electronics, we found the clearance end cap. They had several types of children's books there.
I planned to only get the Barbie coloring book which was $1.98, but my boys each grabbed another book when I wasn't paying attention. I ended up also getting the Cars easy reader for $1.98 (normally $3.99) and the Brave coloring book that was the same price and savings. 
On our way out, we passed the Stationary aisles where I found the Play Packs. At the New Braunfels store, they were about $1.98. But at the Forum, they were only .94. These are great to have on hand for trips, stocking stuffers, or gifts for young girls. 
Check your stores and don't forget to share!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We made it!

We are finally home! We made it safely to Texas and now can relax as we make this unit our home. At first we stayed with my in laws and then we got a hotel room for a few nights. Want to test your patience? Put a family of five in one room daily. Especially when 3 of them are five years and under.
Getting the keys was so much more exciting than most would think. It's a sign of starting fresh. Of feeling free. And so much joy that you could burst as you watch the children go wild.
This place isn't the Ritz by far. But it's not the ghetto either. Our garage was packed full of our things and I spent all day putting as much as I could away. After I get off work tomorrow, I'll get right back to unpacking.
There is a 10x10 back yard that the kids and I plan to grow flowers in the corner of. I've always wanted a yard and after 6 years of not having one... I can't wait to work in it. We spent about an hour or so clearing it up and even planted gladiolas and sun flowers. My boys love watching Curios George and after getting the Going Green DVD, they have been begging me to plant a garden that they can watch grow.
 The floors throughout the downstairs are stained concrete. I won't have to worry about spilled juice except for the possibilities of slips. It's cold, this is true. And I have a lot of sweeping to do. But I'll get a rug for the combined dining/living area eventually. We also ordered a couch and table set for the living room that should be here by the weekend.
 Yesterday, we finally got the things we left in storage which included the beds. So thankful for the help from my in laws as well as friends. While moving, we made jokes and caught up. It really helps the work go by smoother when you are having fun. My husband decided to let the dolly ride in the truck with him and his friend since all the other spaces were filled... I told him that every corner they turned would earn him a kiss from the tires.
Before getting those things, we only had two air beds that both leak air so I've been sleeping on the floor. Waking up with migraines wasn't working out too well.
We ordered a washer/dryer set that should arrive this week as well. I'm going to have a mountain of laundry to do... But I'm happy to say I'll finally have a set and they'll be in my own garage, another first for us.
This place has two floors so my kids will wear themselves out with all the up and downs they do daily. And we finally get to cook really good meals again! Tonight was Italian chicken, rice and sautéed veggies. Mmm... how I've missed my kitchen!
Oh and I love how this neighborhood has a sense of humor! The stop signs (a least two of them) have additions that make you laugh and possibly sing. This is one:
Another says "Don't STOP Believin'". I love it!
This kitchen is about the size I had before, but somehow seems to have more space. Or maybe I'm getting better with my organization skills.
Thanks for reading and sharing in my life's adventures! I'll post again soon with updated pictures that show how we are turning this place in a Home.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Target Cartwheel information

I'm still surprised at how many people don't know about Target's new-ish app called Cartwheel. Coupon users know about as its a mobile coupon that is personalized by you. So what do you need to know about it?
First of all, this app was created by Target to save you money. It is comprised of Offers that you can browse through and add to your list. It will then generate a barcode that can be scanned by the cashier to take off the appropriate discounts for the items you chose. There are two ways to use Cartwheel. You can download the app to your smart phone. Just head to your app store and search for Target and/or Cartwheel. The other way is to go to http://cartwheel.target.com/ and sign up using your Facebook account. This will allow you to choose your offers and print the list with the barcode or even just the number that can be used by the cashier.
The drawback to this? Yes, you have to have Facebook. This is a bummer for those who don't use such social media. Perhaps in the future Target will adjust for those who don't.
There are so many savings to be had on Cartwheel. Anything from 5% to half off of just about everything you could want to buy. The discounts change often too, so you can check in whenever you plan to go shopping and see what they have. They can be paired with clearance items and with printable coupons to maximize your savings. This is considered a mobile coupon just like Shopkick.
Have any questions? Feel free to comment. I love sharing my knowledge about ways to save. Enjoy!

That Awkward Moment is now in theaters!

Most of us have been there... That moment when you pass the "friends" stage and are beginning to move into the... whatever comes next stage of the relationship. But how do you approach that moment when you realize you are ready to move into the next stage? How do you bring that conversation into being? Or do you have that amazing telepathy to read his/her mind and not even have to ask?
That Awkward Moment is all about couples who are moving along but find themselves stumbling over the moment when they have to embrace a new relationship status or admit they'd rather be alone after all. Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan star as three guys who after Michael's character gets dumped, all agree not to get into a relationship unless they all do it together. However, a night at the bar meant to be a pick-me-up as well as pick up one-night-stands, changes the games for these buddies. One of those funny moments included are self medicating together when confusion strikes... They work together to get through the decisions they face and have plenty of awkward moments throughout

For fun, you can check out this video with quiz to see where you stand in the relationship realm.

Check out the trailer for That Awkward Moment here. Or go to the lineup on YouTube for multiple videos that give you a wide variety of laughs.
So what was your awkward moment? Or one of them if you're like me and have more than you wish to remember... I'd love to hear it! Share a laugh with everyone else.