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Monday, December 30, 2013

Jewel Scent Candle review

My husband decided to buy a Jewel Scent Candle after having issues with another ring candle company.
The order was processed and shipped rather quickly even though it was nearly Christmas time. I'd read a lot of great reviews about them on their Facebook page.
It was securely packaged and arrived undamaged. When I opened it, I first noticed that the scent is not as strong as I hoped. I personally prefer candles that are strong enough to fill a room with a delightful smell within several minutes. This one is only noticeable within close proximity.
It's beautifully decorated though. The intricate black and white design makes it a great addition to any room. 

 The ring that I received inside was inside a plastic bag that was wrapped in gold foil. The way the value works for the rings inside is, that if there's a ring in your candle, it's worth anywhere from $10- $100. Anything above that in value will instead be a gold coin of sorts with a claim number stamped on it. You then contact the company and they send you the ring from that claim number. No matter how much mine is worth, it's still a beautiful piece.

 It says on the label that it can burn for 100 hours. Since lighting it this morning, and only snuffing it out for about an hour, it's been burning but only about a fraction of the candle is down.

 So what does this mean and what do I think of them?
I love the design. I love the ring. I personally wish the scent was stronger, but I know some people who have allergies and this type of candle would be better for them. Enough to be pleasing but not overwhelming. I think they make awesome gifts. Yes, it's nice to give candles that have enough aroma to fill a room. But suppose you get something the other person doesn't enjoy like you do? This way they get a sample of a scent and a gorgeous ring.
The candles are made of soy and beeswax. Healthier and natural alternatives. Jewel Scent does have other products in the lineup. And they also come with gems aplenty! Check them out and tell me what you think.

***This review was fully on me. I was not endorsed to say anything. The candle was purchased from Jewel Scent by my husband as a gift. All opinions are my own.***

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Walgreens app

If you have a smart phone and download the Walgreens app to it, you can buy 10, get 10 free photo prints. This deal expires January 2nd. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Early shopping tips for next years gift giving

I'm already stocking up on gifts for next year. Valentines Day gift exchange, birthdays... You know the routine. So as you're looking for deals, some stores had started clearance the day before Christmas since sales had been going badly. With the economy being so bad, it's really no wonder that no one had money. So be sure and shop around. Target had things 30-50% off but the selection wasn't too varied. Mostly Christmas stuff. Walmart had nothing on clearance yet. If I remember correctly and my mother is right too, they don't start clearancing things until 1-2 weeks in January. Like my mom told me, everyone just got gift cards and cash to go shopping with. Stores can still make their money. So be patient but watchful. 
Target currently has some items in Dollar Spot at 70% off. It should be items with the black dot. Little trinkets like that could be used next year for stocking stuffers or if you buy several you could make a basket bundle for a gift. Beauty care products that come in packs like Axe and Dove are clearanced down to $8.48 as well. You can get them anywhere from 15-30% off. 
Clothing is a little harder but some places are starting to show 40% off and up. 
Then there's photo gifts. Walgreens emails deals just about daily.
So keep looking and remember that if you start now, you'll save time and money later. Let me know what you find. Happy new year! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hi I'm Skinny winner pictures

I received pictures from one of the winners of the Hi I'm Skinny giveaway. Looks like their little girl is super excited to be trying them! Congratulations! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas while you save 10% at Target today

I'm writing this cautiously because I just read another bloggers post about words being explosive and dangerous when used too quickly. I know I sometimes rant randomly. This is one of those times. I work for retail. Nothing new. I'm not ashamed of it either. While I dream of being a crime scene tech or otherwise involved in criminology studies, for now my life requires that I work part time and be a mommy of three for the remaining time until accepted into school on a scholarship because I can't afford to go into debt for a degree.  Especially when getting a job with a degree isn't a breeze as most would like to think. Unless you're an Einstein, forget it. But I digress.
Recently this company I work for had a major issue involving personal information and a hacker who was stealing it to sell off. As recompense for this heinous deed, the CEO declared that all stores would give 10% off almost everything you purchased in a two day only special event. Emails, the news and even employees were told to tell any and all about it. No hiding it away and whispering it's greatness while coming out after it's over with, "Sorry you missed it." If you haven't heard of it yet, you must be living under a rock in the middle of no mans land. Or you do like me and ignore all forms of news until the chatter of one thing drives you insane and you read up about it...
To promote this in the store, our store leader decreed that some of us spend our shift at the front telling people as they entered about it. Apparently some people believe we are trying to sell some other card and snapped back with, "I'm not interested!" as they huffed on past me. Or gave a snide, "ONLY 10%?!" Or how about getting upset and demanding a manager because you weren't told the entire list of items NOT included in the 10% discount? Most people didn't want to wait to hear it all as I rushed to say it as best I could as quickly as possible. My tongue tripped a couple times but I didn't mislead anyone. And getting mad at the one dressed similar to a police officer seems like poor decision making in my opinion. So I wonder... How many of these people stopped to think about what it's like on our side of the view? None I'm guessing. Oh wait... The one woman who used to work retail might understand and sympathized. Everyone else doesn't care, right? Let me clue you in.
We make a little over minimum wage. We often get our hours cut down to maybe 20 a week. One guy had his dip to 9 in a week. You can't pay rent with that. You might be able to park your van on a corner somewhere and hope it's not ambushed for its tires and radio with that much of a paycheck... Then we stand on our feet for however long our shift is. We carry walkies around the store and have commands yelled through them so we know who is expecting what every hour. Merchandise has to be taken from the truck in the morning and put into a stock room. Then that stuff in the stock room has to be pulled and pushed out throughout the day as it is depleted by customers. When someone discards merchandise they changed their mind about, it's our job to pick it up. Sometimes it's like we are glorified maids in this big building full of never-ending slobs. Who do you think puts this stuff back in the right place?! The cleaning fairy? And then some people think that because something was put in the wrong place with things of lesser price, that we should honor that price. Well, if it was on a shelf with things of higher price... Shouldn't we make you pay that price too? We can't control the fact that idiots ditch stuff in random places and we can't follow every one of them through the store picking things up as they go. I've done that and I hoped they felt guilty but I'm sure they laughed about it instead.
Without those menial peons making so little and enduring so much... You wouldn't have big box stores to shop at. We get yelled at for things we can't control. We don't decide much in the store. Corporate does. We just follows orders. And believe me, the more you fight, yell, make a fuss - the more likely we are to label you a trouble-maker. Your picture might get printed from the recorded camera images and passed around with a warning of "Be on the lookout for this one." And yes, we do have cameras. And yes, they are always watching. Pick your nose, scratch your butt, bend over in that skirt that can't cover that much rear end with so little material... Horror stories are never ending for those that have to endure watching the endless droves of bodies that cross through the doors. Some days I feel like I should bleach my eyes and would happily agree to have memories erased if only I could.
So for all you folks reading this, it's just a friendly reminder to think twice before you start running your mouth. Remember that we are people too. We don't want to go to work and deal with you. And we don't like doing some things that our job requires. But in order to keep getting a pay check, we have to keep on putting up with everything you can dish out. We have to plaster that smile on and pretend that we genuinely care about what you think of our store and our policy. We do care to some extent. Just not to the point that we will lose sleep over your complaints. We don't want to serve people because we enjoy it and feel rewarded for the good deeds. We do it because we have no choice. It's a job and we do as we are told so we can pay the bills and afford to live. Don't get me wrong. Yes, some of us genuinely enjoy helping those with a receptive ear and kind disposition. When you are acting like royalty who is entitled to that one thing we don't have in stock, begin yelling at us because we can't make it suddenly appear, just know that you are the reason we hate our jobs. You are the reason we can't wait for the holidays to be over.
If you want to leave your Starbucks cup laying around, at least make it amusing for us to have to clean up... 
As far as this 10% deal. Yes, Target is using it to say sorry for the card issue. Be grateful they are offering anything at all. What can't you get with the 10%? Any of these:
  • Gift cards, entertainment cards, airtime cards, prepaid cards and iTunes cards.
  • Apple products
  • Bose products
  • All video games
  • Play Station 4 consoles
  • Xbox One consoles
  • Target Mobile
  • Prescriptions
  • Optical
  • Clinic
  • And alcohol purchases
And if you don't ever want to shop at Target again because of the security scare, don't tell us. We don't care what you think. We just want our jobs to stay secure. Not one employee in the stores has access to your information. Period. 
 So have a merry Christmas and leave your attitudes at home!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking for unique gifts?

So its probably too late to put in a Christmas gift order, but a new year brings a list of birthdays all over again. My husband saw my shared posts concerning candles with jewelry and rings in them on my Facebook wall. I love the idea of burning candles and finding a jewel hidden inside.  I burn candles on a daily basis.
Around the beginning of December, my husband wanted to know my ring size. Then he asked me to email him some links of websites that sell candles with jewelry in them. (By this point, I knew what he had planned. But kudos for effort and at least keeping it a surprise on which scent he picked right?) December 6th, he placed an order with Jewelry Candle. He paid more than I would want considering a few things: 1. Its just a candle after all. 2. The item hidden inside might only be worth $10 at best. 3. We aren't very well off to begin with. But its something new. Usually he gives me chocolate (my weakness) which I have to be careful of. I really don't need the extra sugar and pounds. Or flowers. They look beautiful, but cut flowers are dead flowers (which is sad to me) and they get messy as they start falling apart. Or smelly as they start to rot if you don't clean the stems and change the water daily. Which also means they add to my list of daily chores. So a candle that smells good and will later yield a beautiful ring... definitely worth trying at least. By the 15th, there was no gift to give me for our anniversary. The candle had not arrived in time for it and he needed my help contacting the company since he didn't even get a confirmation page with an estimated arrival date. We both emailed with no luck. Now I know its Christmas time and just about every company is slammed with orders. But shouldn't they at least have an automated email response with something like, "Your message is important to us. We will get back with you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience."? Nope... notta. Finally he gets a response with the date the order was shipped, the 17th, and a tracking number. Here it is on the 19th and the package is showing that its still at the post office where they took it on the 17th. And they supposedly shipped it via Priority 2-day mail. So to the internet he asked me to go. This time, I did some research on various companies Facebook pages. Know what I found? Lots and lots of complaints about non-responsive customer care from Jewelry Candles. Like us, people placed orders (especially their reps who host candle parties and promised people they would get the gifts in time for Christmas) only to email and get no answer or information. We also tried calling and it went straight to a personal voicemail box that was full. Doesn't seem like a trustworthy business. Then to our dismay, there were complaints of those who received their orders only to find out that they were damaged or the wrong scent! What a mess. Diamond Candles seems to be suffering from the same issues.
Then I found Jewel Scent Candles. For about the same price, they offer candles with rings inside. But on their Facebook page, I found more praise than complaints. Some of the same customers that I saw complaining on other pages were saying how much better their order experience was when they switched. I'm hoping that we will have the same kind of experience as my husband decided to order a Sweet Gardenia candle from them. Once I get either or both candles I'll do a reveal and show you how it goes. I'll also fill you in on wait times. Oh and after a quick search online, I even found coupon codes to use for the order with Jewel Scent! So we managed to get 10% off the order. And when we went to checkout, the price of shipping was cheaper than the original quote. Sure wish I had looked a little deeper before he placed the first order.
So if you want to get a head start towards gift deals, check them out. Jewel Scent has many scents to choose from and the rings I saw look beautiful! If you want to get a 10% off discount, just click this link to order. Its going to say you were invited by Bryan Vinyard. That's my husband and he's the one who placed the order. Other codes I found that you might use (only one use per order) are these: WEB10 or FRIEND10. Both should work to take 10% off the order. They also sell things like aroma beads and soaps. Let me know what you think and if you have had any experience with this kind of thing!
Oh and I almost forgot, the other one that I saw really great reviews on, were from Gilt Candles. I posted a discount on them before. With their candles, you can validate the value of the ring you receive. "Embedded within each Gilt Candle is a REAL ring worth $15, 250, 1000 or $5000+. Every candle is hand poured with love using 100% NATURAL Soy & Beeswax."

Do you cosplay?

For those who don't know what it is, its dressing like your favorite character from a TV show, movie or game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosplay Or perhaps you just like dressing up and differently. A friend of mine found this website and it has tons of things that are great for either, especially wigs, at 90% savings. My only hesitation with such a website is that its from overseas. I'd prefer to be buying something here in the States. But no where will you find wigs or corsets for these kinds of prices. I was planning on dressing as a female version of the Phantom of the Opera and began searching for the pieces to make my costume since I don't sew and its simple to piece together with things already made.
Definitely might be worth your while, just remember a couple things:
First off, check the reviews of people who have bought from that seller in the past. If there is a lot of negative feedback, be warned. Each item sold is from various overseas stores.
Secondly, if you do order, remember that the item(s) are coming from China or wherever. The absolute minimum amount of time for shipping is 15 days. And that's if your package flies... Typically though it takes 3-6 weeks depending on the mail centers it passes through.
Just some ideas. If you cosplay or dress up in something awesome, tell me about it. If you send a picture, I'll even add it to the post! In January, I'm hoping to attend a local anime convention of sorts with some girlfriends. I planned something like this...
 I found an off-shoulder sleeved, gothic style top. Though I was looking for something like the above picture.
I'm still looking for a long skirt like this one.
Years ago, I met an amazing seamstress and commissioned her to make a custom cape for me. Its similar to this one picture but has a silver lining. If I pair these up with a mask, my calf-length black boots, and if the black curly wig comes in... tres magnifique!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hair cutting solutions here in St. Augustine!

So I went for round two of trying to get my hair cut. This time I struck gold. I went to A Cut Above in the strip where the new Ross is being built  there just before 312. Its a local place that I was referred to by a few people after the last fiasco. It's such a welcoming place to go. Nothing like that hole in the wall dump I went to before. It's clean and comfortable and also well lit.
I specifically set up my appointment with Diane. I was referred by her grandson. Though, there are plenty of other talented stylists to choose from. Diane's granddaughter even works there. I was also told Kim does a great job. So the choices are there. Everyone I saw coming and going was in a good mood. They had plenty of seating for those waiting, though you wouldn't have to wait long.

Diane did an excellent job. She paid attention to the natural part (most stylists choose to "create" a uniform part) which means I won't have to fight my hair to stay in place. She talked to me like a friend would. She made me laugh. It was a whole new experience. Then she cut with precision. I like a stylist that knows what they are doing. No hesitation, no fumbling around. It means I'll get out at a decent time. I was aiming for Victoria Beckham's classic short sling.
It stacks in the back and comes nearly to a point in the front. I didn't quite get that. My hair has a natural curl to it that comes out during certain weather and when cut. As she began cutting up the back, it began curling. Instead, she offered a median. It comes a little higher in the back than the front, but still short enough to make me happy.
For now, I have hair I can enjoy without pulling it up. Eventually, I'll try again for the shorter, edgier look.

GenZ promotion via US Family Guide

I posted a while back about a reading program and a code to use to get a free subscription with GenZ Online. This reading program is a daily digest of stories that you can read on your tablet, smartphone or computer. It makes reading to your children a snap, which makes your children more likely to learn and excel. As an added bonus, the program follows with questions so you can test what your children remember about the story. Then there is a puzzle you complete by revealing one tiled picture at a time and letters below the picture. After completing all these, you are rewarded Zoints. These Zoints can be redeemed for prizes later. You can try out GenZ for free using the code A174 in the promotion box at sign up. There is no credit card information required to sign up. Simply go to this link, http://www.genzreadaloud.com/register_free/read_aloud and sign up. Its great for home schoolers too since it can be used as part of your curriculum. I especially enjoy that they updated the layout so its easy to use and follow along. Enjoy!

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey price match deal

If you're a fan of The Hobbit but haven't bought the movie yet, here's a great deal! Price matching Amazon's $9.99 at Target! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BEZTMQ8/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00BEZTMQ8&linkCode=as2&tag=thebarg-20
Just take the Bluray/DVD combo pack to Guest Services and ask to price match it with Amazon.com. Just remember, the price has to be current as Amazon does change prices every so often. If you have a smart phone, you can sometimes scan the barcode to find the price and listing or just pull it up and have it ready to speed up the transaction. If not, they will have to look it up on their iPad to verify before making the price adjustment.

Hi I'm Skinny giveaway!

Time for some holiday giveaway fun!!!
Hi I'm Skinny has agreed to host a giveaway and offer you all free shipping to boot. First the giveaway! Just like last time, Canada and North America residents have the chance to enter the giveaway. Prizes are for two winners to get one Sampler Box each. Sampler Box will include full size products as shown in the review I posted before. Worth entering if you are interested in trying a healthy treat and possibly sharing at some holiday get-togethers! Also, if you are interested in placing an order and getting free shipping, simply use the code: HHFS13 at checkout! Good luck everyone! a Rafflecopter giveaway

What a waste of my time... not to mention humiliating....

Today I went to a local hair salon. My goal? I wanted to cut off my long locks and trade them in for a much shorter do that would be easy to care for, look amazing, and not need too much attention. I chose a style I've always loved and has always worked before. Its the same style sported by Victoria Beckham.
Boy was I in for a surprise. First of all, let me say, I wasn't in the highest of spirits upon walking in. But as a friend pointed out - women usually go to the salon with the intention of having their spirits bolstered and leaving the place feeling great. Sure wish that was the case for me today...
I chose this place based on the fact my mother said my dad went there to get his hair cut and never had a problem. They advertise $10 hair cuts, but on the sign and door in much smaller letters are "and up". I don't even really know the name of this little hole in the wall, I just know its tucked into the corner of the strip mall with the Dollar Tree store. If you're local, you know what I'm talking about. I stepped in and signed my name on the sheet at the front desk. Since I don't know any of the stylists and have never been there before, I didn't have a preference. Whoever could cut my hair and give me the look I was aiming for, that's the one I wanted.
I watched the three stylists cutting and chatting. Of the three, I was aiming for the only female. She wasn't loud and seemed to be doing the most productive work. Especially on the ladies that came in. She was the one ready to take me back first. Before I even sat in the chair, I showed her the picture in my phone of what I wanted. I've been to stylists who told me no after seeing the picture I brought in and I wasn't wasting anyone's time. I knew what I wanted. Plain and simple. Then the next question, about how much is this going to cost me? Don't get me wrong, I'm a believer in paying for something that's worth the price. But when you work part time, barely have the time to take a break for yourself because you are constantly caring for others needs, you don't want to spend your last dollar on something that in my opinion counts as frivolous. I'd rather buy diapers, gas, or clothes than a hair cut for myself. Besides, I pinch my pennies and make them count in the long run.
Anyhow, I guess she noticed my hesitation when she said $20. It wasn't so much that I didn't want to pay that much, I wasn't sure if the card my husband had given me with his PayPal money would be enough. I told her that after checking to make sure I had enough, we could proceed. In the meantime, she wanted to ask Taber (the guy next to her station) how much he would charge if he did it. After looking at my hair that was now down around my shoulders, he looked at the picture. "$25-30 minimum." His reasoning? "You would need not just a cut, but also a wash, dry AND style. No way would I just cut it and leave it. I'd have to style it too. I'm a perfectionist. I won't let you walk out without your hair looking just like the picture." Well, that's great. But no way am I paying more than $20 for a cut, no way am I letting anyone else wash my hair after I specifically washed it before leaving that day, and I don't ever blow dry my hair or use styling products that aren't natural or organic. Once you try the good stuff, you never want to go back. My hair is beautiful, even if its unruly. I've never dyed it. I've only air dried it for the past... 6 years? And I don't put chemicals in my hair if I don't have to. Its currently a little dry since winter has been on and off and I'm a little dehydrated... but that's normal. So I told them I'd think for a bit and come back. I walked to meet my mom at the Dollar Tree and told her what they had said. Then I decided to go back and take the $20 cut from the lady. I was really wanting to get it cut today.
I went back, wrote my name again and sat down. The lady asked if I had written my name again. I said yes. I had also written that I wanted the female to cut it for me. She informed me that I'd have to wait a little while as there was another elderly lady in front of me. I agreed to it and resumed waiting. Taber asked her if she wanted him to cut it for me. I didn't hear her response but he came walking over and saw what I wrote on the sheet. He asked if I was serious about wanting her to do as he had no one else. I told him yes, I just wanted the $20 cut and nothing more. This is where he got nasty...
"No stylist here is going to cut your hair for only $20," he announced loudly. "That cut you want needs more than just a cut. It won't look like much without being washed, dried, and styled as well as cut. You will look like crap if you only get a cut. And no one here is going to be their name to a style that walks out looking like crap. I wouldn't cut your hair and have you walking out of here looking stupid." At this point, I'm beginning to heat up and can feel my face turning red. Remember, I was already having a somewhat crummy day. Having this guy putting me down in front of all these people was not boosting my self confidence. He was being a bully. But worse than that? Others were laughing. Yes, the old granny next to me was laughing. I'm sorry, but I seriously wanted to look at her and ask if she'd looked in the mirror. I know we should respect our elders, but she was a hag looking for help in the beauty department without a prayer of hope. Seeing as others were laughing, I guess he took that as support and decided to keep plowing forward with tearing me down. After I told him I didn't need it washed or dried since I already did that this morning, I also let him know that I only wanted a cut. I've been styling my own hair for years as my grandmother was a cosmetologist. I know what I like and how to make it look good.
I don't need assistance. "That is a VERY difficult style and cut. There's no way you can get it like that without me doing it here." First off, if its that hard, shouldn't you be telling me of a cut that would be better? Not tearing me down for what I want? Shouldn't you be gently letting me know that there are other cuts better suited to me than this one? What happens when I go home and have to style it myself tomorrow? I can't afford to come in everyday for you to fix my hair. Nor do I have the time! All this time, none of the others are standing up to him. Not even the guy in the back that looked to be the owner. What kind of establishment allows such verbal abuse to CUSTOMERS?! And the old bag still laughing with others joining in.... What is WRONG with you?? This isn't funny. The woman who quoted  me $20 was ignoring the situation. Taber looked at her but she kept working on the other guy she had. I told him I wasn't interested in extras. Just a cut. He walked over to the desk and said in a loud voice, "Everyone wants to look like a star, but no one wants to pay the price." Jerk. You're the one working in a place that advertises $10 hair cuts! Don't make it sound like I'm just being cheap. I'd rather cut my hair myself, than be treated like that ever again!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pinterest extra 5 points a day codes from Disney for Movie Rewards members

If you have a Disney Movie Rewards account, be sure and check out their Pinterest page for an additional code everyday for 5 points. This will end December 26th. Todays code is CTC5BD.

Subway customer appreciation month!

December is customer appreciation month at Subway! To celebrate, Subway is offering up a great deal. You can get either a 6″ Meatball Marinara or a 6″ Cold Cut Combo sub for ONLY $2, all throughout December! No coupons needed. Click here for more information!

Walgreens photo offer

Walgreens posted a photo offer for a free 4x6 Santa photo print for free. Not all locations offer this. Also, be among the first and you could score a free magnet frame as well. Check your location. http://photo1.walgreens.com/walgreens/storepage/storePageId=photoshoot
If you are in the St. Augustine, FL area, the only one hosting it is the following location. Call for dates and times. 2075 US Highway 1 S Saint Augustine, FL 32086 904-829-5240
2075 US HIGHWAY 1 SSAINT AUGUSTINE, FL32086 (904) 829-5240


CVS freebie offer

If you like their Facebook page or have liked their page, go to the link here https://www.facebook.com/MinuteClinic/app_420576724709430 to get a coupon for a free Essence of Beauty body mist! Offer ends December 23rd!

Buy one get one photo book from Walgreens!

Right now, Walgreens is having a promotion to buy one photo book and get a second one free! This deal ends December 7th so you better hurry! It's for the 8.5x11 custom cover book. Enter code B1G1BOOK at checkout. Great gift ideas for family members. 
You can also checkout the other deals they have by going to the Walgreens website, click on the Photo tab, then click on the Deals tab. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Short story review for "Those Devils"

I've been given the chance to read and review a short story, Those Devils, written by a friend of mine. His name is James DeSantis. He is currently moving up on Amazon's Best Seller list and is/was around 86th in line! I've mentioned him before as I read his book, Exterminators Infected. He has the great talent of writing dark but inviting tales. This one is no different.
It's about a man who has lost his mind. He has completely lost himself in this alternate reality that only he can see and that is all in his imagination. He sees other humans as being "devils" who are out to kill him. He also takes it upon himself to kill them when the chance arises. A team of military trackers are given the orders to hunt him down and eliminate him. But this guy is not the type to roll over and die. He also has training in self defense. This short story runs through the events of a single night and the outcome that you don't really see coming. He has imagined that he was dating a wonderful girl who was brutally raped and then murdered. He seeks revenge but has enough control to know that living to kill another day is more important. His hunters get closer than he would like and then the cataclysmic event that shows the truth comes about. I truly hope there is more to come from this great author. He shows promise and a unique writing style (especially with his New York accent flowing into his writing).
James has this story currently for sale on Amazon.com for .99. Its a great read if you are into dark terror and twisting plots that have you asking for more as you grip the edge of your seat. Check it out and let me know what you think! Don't want just one review? Check out this vlog review by Nick Pell.

My savings at Target!

Last night was crazy at work and I just didn't have it in me to go do my shopping. So today we took a trip to get the things we needed. I did some checking in my coupon binder and found some that matched items in Cartwheel as well as with sales. I spent $14130, saved over $105 (didn't count the Cartwheel discounts) and got plenty of things we could use at great prices.

Lego Chima and Star Wars are currently 5% off. Plus some of the sets are on sale. Then, check your Shopkick app (if you have a smart phone)
as they have a coupon for $5 off $25 or more toys purchase.

M&M's were $3.19 by I had a coupon for $1/2 bags. Plus Cartwheel had 10% off M&M's brand chocolate.
Market Pantry bread is $1.29, but Cartwheel has 5% off.
Degree Women's deodorant has a Cartwheel discount of 10%, plus I printed off a $1.50/1 coupon. They had one for the Men's as well, so I picked up one of those for when my brothers need it at my place. I had the coupon and Cartwheel. Then I found a matching coupon/discount for the Dove Women's deodorant. So for each one I paid $1-1.50.

Others to check out are the coupons for $1.10/2 Holiday bags. Right now several are on sale at Target for $2.89.
So many great deals! Let me know what you find.