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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yala information and discount

I'm still on the hunt for healthier and greener living. That has started to include clothing as well. Which is exactly how I came to find Yala. They make clothing as well as some bath and bedding products from organic bamboo. They have a variety of things for men, women, and children and everything is supposed to be of the softest quality. The information they have concerning their products and the materials can be found here. The main thing would be the following (as taken from their website):
"Here's what we know: natural fibers like organic bamboo viscose, organic cotton and pure silk are truly sensational to touch. They're soft and pliant and breathe unlike other fabrics. Our clothing is designed to look good, feel good and be as gentle on the planet as it is on your skin. Something to consider the next time you slip on a pair of our wide leg pants, an elegant flowing wrap or rest your head on one of our dreamy silk pillowcases."
There are no residual chemicals in the fibers that could be harmful. There are also no chemical finishing agents to prevent wrinkles, so you will have some - but no chemicals. The dyes used on these products are non toxic and AZO-free. " The dyes in our products meet European standards, which are higher than US standards (European Commission directive 76-769EEC). This means that our products are free from formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals."
You can find plenty of information about Yala and their story at this link.
I wasn't able to do an actual product review this time, but they did offer my readers a special 20% off discount that's good 7/24/13 – 8/7/2013. When you go to checkout, enter the code  NERD20.
Be sure and leave a comment telling me what you think about Yala and the health benefits they might offer versus other brands.

***All information was taken directly from the Yala website or from the representative. No product was physically tested.***

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Protecting your child

I recently ordered 2 DNA kits from my Disney Movie Rewards account. As a child, I remember being fingerprinted at a public safety awareness event that we happened upon as we went shopping with my mom. Back in those years, I remember a widely publicized story of a girl named Maddie Clifton who went missing in her neighborhood and was later found under the waterbed mattress of the teenage neighbor boy across the street. Parents went frantic trying to protect their kids from things like that. My parents were what many refer to as "over protective". We weren't allowed out after dark. When that sun wasn't visible, our butts had better be inside. We couldn't go anywhere out of sight of the house without permission. We didn't stay over at friends without prior permission and even then, it was only with a select few friends that we knew and trusted really well. At that public event, they were only doing basic fingerprinting. That was a step in the right direction. Now though, technology has changed to broaden the possibilities of DNA tracking and genetic fingerprinting makes the chances for finding a missing child all the better. I've been offered the chance to share with my readers a better and more in-depth way to protect your child.
A DNA profile which years ago was over $400 is now only $99.  But my readers will receive a limited time $50 off coupon by going to www.childprotectbydna.com and using code USFamily50.
This exclusive offer will allow you to get a hefty discount on a $99 DNA Profile for your child.  This is not kept in a database, but is kept solely by you.   In the case of an emergency, you can provide this profile to law enforcement who can compare it to DNA at a crime scene and speed up the process to bring your child back safely.  In addition to the DNA Profile, you will receive a kit that allows you to store your child’s fingerprints, key information, and a photo. What better way to safeguard your child besides implanting them with a tracking chip of some sort? (Which is still not available or legal I believe...)
No one wants to think about what if something were to happen. But not being prepared could cost you.
Things to consider about what a DNA profile means:
  • ChildProtect by DNA is provided by DNA Diagnostics Center, the largest private DNA company in the world and #1 hospital recommended in the US
  • Over 800,000 children go missing every year!
  • Law enforcement agencies state the first 3 hours of a missing child’s search are the most important. After the first 24, hope of finding them alive and well begin to decrease dramatically.
  • A DNA profile is a Genetic Fingerprint and every person’s is unique. No two DNA profiles are exactly alike (even twins).
  • Every profile is signed by a PhD when it leaves the DDC laboratory
  • A DNA profile is used by police when they find an item (saliva) that contains traces of DNA. By having a DNA profile on hand, the police have something to compare against.  If there is no DNA profile, police need to collect DNA from the child’s home and send it to a laboratory to get the profile. This costs valuable time. Remember what I said above about 3 hours and 24 hours?
    So let me know what you think! Once I receive my own kit, I'll write a review about it further and let you know more details about the kit itself!

    Saturday, July 6, 2013

    Money and time saving meal planning

    I really dislike shopping with my kids. It's a lot of, "Mom! I want that!", "Mom, I'm tired.", "Can we go home and play Mario Kart yet?" Or even just straight up "Waaaahhhhh" from being too tired. So I decided to plan my meals ahead. Anywhere from 2 weeks to a whole month, depending on my financial status. I have a list of meals that I know my family loves. I have a list of things we need that I've been writing as things diminish in my pantry and I know we use often.

    Knowing your family and their favorites is the most important part. Knowing your schedule is another important factor. I work part time. My husband has a time-consuming Lego hobby. Plus there are the daily tasks and chores of keeping house and home schooling. On the nights I work, my husband has to do the cooking. On the nights I'm off - I pick it up. So when I'm picking meals I have to pick the easy ones for his nights alone. I also try to incorporate things we get on WIC. We get beans, brown rice, cheese, fruits and vegetables, among other things. All healthy stuff. Beans and rice are one of my easy choices for my husband to cook. He likes to add sausage and onion to it.  None of us really like brown rice. So to compromise, we mix half white and half brown. Even my kids love it. It also makes the bag of white rice stretch farther.

    When I'm planning, I also check the sales and try to match my meals with them. I print coupons based on what we use and try to match them with stores sales.

    So here's how you get started. And yes... It's going to take time and effort, but it pays off later.

    Start by making a list. Write meals that you know you and your family eat regularly and love. Know your ingredients or list them with the meals. I keep mine in a notebook but you could use a binder. Especially with the clear page covers so you can just flip through while planning.

    Step two, is knowing your budget. We know when big bills are due and plan around them. I prefer to plan at least two weeks at a time, but maybe you can only do a week per stretch. Once you know your budget, count the days and pick a dinner for each one. Throw in a couple of lazy meals. Some days you aren't going to want to cook. So make it something easy to put together or make that the take out night. Either way, writing it into your list will remind you. Then pick breakfast and lunch items to fill in. I always keep peanut butter on hand. Tuna works well too. Snack things like chips, cookies, desserts - whatever little things you need to have on hand get added to your list next.
    Now if you're really on a roll and want it super organized, take it a step further and actually list the items by category i.e.- meats, frozen, can aisle, snack aisle... You get the idea? I don't often have the patience and I'm still getting used to my stores here, but sometimes I aim for the ballpark. This makes your trip easier and faster. Also organizing your coupons to match your aisles helps too.
    Now the fun part (not) of shopping! Coming home, you might have a kitchen looking something like this picture.
    Another thing to keep in mind is how much storage space you have around your kitchen. We are fortunate enough to have a large pantry. But we are limited in freezer space. We don’t buy a large amount of freezer foods at once. Sometimes we have to go back to the store for things like bread, fresh veggies and fruits, or more freezer items.

    Sometimes when I buy onions and bell peppers, I will chop them up and keep them in the freezer. Just remember that when you pull them out to cook not to let them stay thawed. They can get a little mushy. Cooking them right away tastes better.
    I hope this is helpful in getting you started on meal planning. Be sure and leave a comment on anything you think I missed! Love hearing from you all.

    Wednesday, July 3, 2013

    The Lone Ranger movie review (only a little spoiler)

    A couple nights ago, I attended the Lone Ranger prescreening. My my, how I was blown away! Growing up, the Lone Ranger was a favorite. Never mind that it was in black and white. Never mind that it was just an old western. The Lone Ranger was a masked man in Texas who always saved the day! With his trusted sidekick, Tonto, pointing him in the right direction to defeating Butch Cavendish and his evil gang. And we mustn’t forget the beautiful Silver, his magnificent horse that came when he whistled.
    This new rendering of the Lone Ranger stars Armie Hammer as the hero and Johnny Depp as his pal Tonto. It gives you plenty of backstory that explains how they really came to be. Tonto is telling the story as an old man to a little boy who came to a freak show. He starts with how he met the Lone Ranger. Who knew our Ranger was such a wimpy boy?? And then we meet the snarling scarred Butch Cavendish. He is really scary and evil so if you are easily frightened, close your eyes when he comes on screen! The whole story is told with so much comedy thrown in, that even the most intense action scenes (that have you gripping your seat and leaning forward ever so slightly) have you sparing a laugh. Johnny Depp really was perfect as Tonto. The same type of character as Captain Jack Sparrow shines through.
    Armie Hammer is not only a good looking Ranger, but he plays his role very well. He goes from a scared, sniveling lawyer to masked vigilante with a fair amount of flair. It wasn’t until the near end of the movie that he really showed his capability at being a true hero, so be patient. It’s well worth the wait. I still feel the desire to call him Arm & Hammer though…
    ***Spoiler alert!*** Kemosabe has been given a hilarious meaning in this movie: Wrong brother. Chosen by a “stupid horse”. They did an excellent job adding music and phrases from the original shows into this movie. It was just right to tie everything together and make it familiar to those of us who were fans of the old westerns. While there were a lot of intense action scenes, a very small amount of suggestive material – I still rate it as a good mature family movie. Kids may not get all the jokes, but I’m sure they will love the rangers in action. Definitely check it out! I know as soon as this one hits the sales floor, I plan to buy it for my own collection.

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013

    Delivery Man movie preview

    There is a new movie on its way to theaters near you. I’m sure at least some of you have seen hints of Delivery Man.
    I’ve been chosen to deliver a little more information and a limited release preview to appeal to your movie-going senses. It’s about a guy that, in his younger years, donates to a fertility clinic “anonymously”. For whatever reasons, a large number of various women get pregnant using his donated sperm and in the end there are 533 children bearing the same genes thanks to an unknown father! Vince Vaughn plays the father. A large number of these children that were fathered thanks to him decide to sue for the right to know who he is. As you can imagine, he doesn’t want to have anything revealed. He’s a bit of a loser with no real purpose to his life other than to survive the day-to-day monotony. He’s given a folder with names and information on these, now adult, children that are suing the clinic.
    Despite being warned by his lawyer that he shouldn’t show interest in them, he decided to open Pandora’s envelope and check up on these people and see what he unknowingly created. As he meets them, his views on everything in his life and the lawsuit begin to shift and change dramatically. He finds himself wanting to help these people.  
    I think it’s a very interesting concept. I was adopted by my Dad. My mom got pregnant by the guy I dearly refer to as the “sperm donor”. He was young and scared and ran off like a pup with his tail between his legs to his mother. But love found my mom and me in the form of the only man worthy of me calling Dad. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I’m a grown woman with my own family and 9 siblings to boot! Couldn’t be happier.
    “Family” has so many variations and meanings to people today. But I think the one thing they hold in common is that families are made of the individuals who stick with you and love you no matter what. I believe this movie opens up a touching family theme and I hope you all enjoy it! Be sure to check it out and then tell me what you like/dislike about it. What does family mean to you?